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Williams transition team information
November 23, 1998




Dorothy Brizill
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Press Release Transition Committee Members Transition Committee Structure
Transition Timeline Inaugural Committee Members Action Team Information

Williams ’98 Transition

1730 K Street, N.W., Suite 202
Washington, D.C. 20006
Immediate Release:
November 23, 1998
Contact Peggy Armstrong
(202) 418-0151

Transition to Excellence
Mayor-Elect Anthony Williams Addresses Transition Committee

Mayor-Elect Anthony A. Williams tonight, charged his Transition team to make recommendations for coordinating a smooth transition and to develop a result-oriented action plan for the beginning of the Williams Administration. During a meeting at Trinity College's O'Connor Auditorium, Mr. Williams instructed the Transition team to draw information and input from a broad range of District citizens, local and national leaders, and public managers from other jurisdictions,, as they prepare their action plans.

"There are essentially three transitions we will be undertaking," said Mr. Williams. "The first is a transition from one mayor to the next. The second, and more complicated' is the transition from limited home-rule to full self-government. The third, and most exciting, is the transition from an only adequately functioning city to a city that is a model of world-class service delivery and livability."

Mayor-Elect Williams advised the committee members to review existing studies, reports, and government agency and department operations, then recommend realistic results and benchmarks that can be successfully and efficiently implemented.

"While it is no exaggeration that the eyes of the nation are upon us as we move forward, I urge you to keep your eyes on the least among us who have put their faith in me to improve their lives and those of their children. I have promised the citizens of the District of Columbia that the quality of life for all District residents will be improved in the shortest possible time. Your efforts should reflect this promise," said Mr. Williams.

Mayor-Elect Williams was joined by General Chairman Marion Wright Edelman, Honorary Chairs Robert Dole and Franklin Raines, and Action Team Co Chairs:

Jerome Paige Information Technology
Larry Parks Planning and Development
Judy Feder Human Services Network
Wendy Puriefoy Education and Culture
Mane Drissel Infrastructure
Scott Mills Finance
Dwight Cropp Operations
Gregory McCarthy Competitive Government
Tom Williamson Transition to Home Rule
Ariana Quinones-Miranda Special Constituencies
Phone: (202) 418-1080
Fax: (202) 418-2671
E-mail: dc@williams98transition.org
Web Site: http://www.williams98transition.org

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Williams ’98 Transition Team

Honorary Chairs

Frank Raines
Bob Dole

General Chair

Marian Wright Edelman

Counsel to the Transition

Doug Patton, Esq.


Barbara Bullock
Lucy Murray
Rock Newman
Roger Sant
Mane Drissel
Max Berry
Hugh Long
Vincent Cohen
Jim Kimsey
Bob Pincus
Tersh Boasberg
Robert Johnson
Sandy Fitzhugh:
Fran Trachtenberg
John Tydings
Pat Montague
Maudine Cooper
Benjamin Ladner
Brenda Richardson
Adam Kidan
Barbara Blum
Carlene Cheatam
Marie Johns
Gilbert Hahn
Kimi Gray
John Hechinger
Jair Lynch
Dr. Dorothy Height
Paul Savage
Rev. Frank Tucker
Eddie Williams
Michael Brown
Patrick Swygert
Barry Campbell
Tom Downs
Lisa Bolden
Peter Rosenstein
Father Leo O'Donovan
Scott Bolden
Ken Sparks
Juan Romagoza
J. Carter Brown
Stephen Trachtenberg
Elizabeth Bagley
Sandy McCall
Pat Ellwood
Jonda McFarlane
Gilberto Valencia
Rev. Lionel Edmonds

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Transition Committee

Michael Olson
Steve Harlan
Floretta McKenzie
Mike Dorsey
Romaine Thomas
Mario Acosta Velez
Sabrina Soujourner
Paul Washington
Mallory Walker
Richard Levy
Michelle Hagans
Richard Levine
Lloyd Smith
Ron Richardson
Donna Fitzgerald Shuler
Tonya Archer
Virginia Ali
Emily Vetter
Monte Shepler
Sam Bost
Joe Yeldell
Michael Kahn
Lou Stovall
Dianne Bernstein
Carol Parris
Sam Simmons
Greg Frazakerly
Carrie Thornhill
Phyllis Campbell
Dave Marlin
Thornell Page
Bobbi Blok
H.R. Crawford
Marie Johns
George Dalley
Jerome Jones
Julius Hobson, Jr.
Pamela Mckee
Joan Gordon
Anne Drissel
Don Murray
Elizabeth Fox
Jephunneh Lawrence
Susan Sarfati
Wilhemena Rolark
Sonia Guitierez
Vince Spaulding
Max Salas
Paula Nickens
Ron Bitondo
Carol Shapiro
Glenn Gerstell
Mildred Goodman
Michael Allen
Bob Jones
Joe Moravec
Cynthia Anthony
Rynthia Sober
Fern Barrueta
Mary Eva Candon
Linda Grigsby
John Richardson
Martha Wattanabe
Dion Jordan
Bill Hall
Pauline Schneider
Dr. Marilyn Brown
Jackie Randolph
Ron Linton
Bob Bethea
Jim Gibson
Pat Sheehy
Kwasi Holman
Delabian Rice Thurston
Tony Cheng
Tom Murray
David Julian
Jim Daugherty
Dwight Cropp
Jack Mahoney
Archie Prioleau
Mattie Cheek
Erika Landberg
Brenda Nixon
Lorraine Whitlock
Ellen Oper-Weiner
Ed Porcaro
Kingdon Gould
Natalie Ludaway
Matt Watson
Jeffrey Clarke
Shari Barton
Eric Jones
Edward Hayes
Tom Kobus
Russell Simmons
Thomas Elzey
Bob King
James Forman
Gwen Hemphill
Bernard Demczuk
William Shanklin, III

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Transition Committee Structure

Transition team structure flow chart

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Inaugural Committee

Honorary Chairs

Diana Simmons Williams
Virginia Hayes Williams
Asantewa Foster


Peggy Cooper Cafritz
Frank Saul
Sharon Percy Rockefeller
Alma Brown


Jaqueline Meers
Max Salas
Bill Paley
Pat Ellwood
Ginger Latham
Bob Linowes
B. Doyle Mitchell
Vera Abbot
Kathleen Donner
Lisa Arnold
Norm Neverson
Amy Johnson
Bobbi Kringle
Skip Coburn
Jourdinia Brown
Charles St. Charles
Tony Cheng
Stu Long
Margery Goldberg
Darryl Grimes
Sonia Guttierez
Mallory Walker
James Brown
Yeni Wong
Beverly Lofton
Rod Heller
Vanessa Spinner
Carolyn Lewis
Lee Black
Barbara Savage
Katharine Mason Brown
Nancy Linn Patton
Jack Mahoney
Paul Cohn
Linda Lee
Gwen Hemphill
The Honorable Sandy Allen
Phil Pannell
Lou Chapman
Stephanie Green
Sharon Rockefeller
Bud Lane
John Ledecky
Tina Scott
Alexine Jackson
Bennie Lawson
Vi Curtis Hinton
Jeanne Clarke Harris
Ron Magnus
Linda Finkle Talvadkar
Heidi Berry
Roz Brown
William Jarvis
Preston Brown
Valerie Pinson
Patricia Compos
Greg Teasley

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Action Team Information

Action Team A: Information Technology

Meeting Place — Georgetown University
Chair Jerome Paige, 726-3081
TA: David King, 418-1080
SA: Scott Simpson, 418-1080

  • Information Technology
  • Utilities/ Competition
    Cable TV

Action Team B.: Planning and Development

Meeting Place — Howard University
Chair: Larry Parks, 872-0223
TA: Bill Highsmith, 418-1080
SA: Charles Onwuche, 418-1080

  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Planning and Development
    Land Use
  • Business Licensing/DCRA
  • Small Business

Action Tearn C: Human Service Network

Meeting Place — Georgetown Law Center
Chair: Judy Feder, 687-0880
TA: Leslie Pinkston, 418-1080
SA: Charles Onwuche, 418-1080

  • Public Health
    Drug Treatment and Prevention/HIV
  • Health Care Delivery
  • Human Services
    Mental Health
    Welfare to Work
  • Youth Services
  • Ex-offender programs
  • Children
  • Seniors
  • Homeless

Action Tearn D: Education and Culture

Meeting Place — Trinity College
Chair Wendy Puriefoy, 628-7460
TA: Rossyln Snowden, 418-1080
SA: Scott Simpson, 418-1080

  • Education
  • Libraries
  • Arts
  • Parks and Recreation

Action Team E: Infrastructure

Meeting Place — Howard University
Chair Marie Drissel, 797-0832
TA: Bill Highsmith, 418-1080
SA: Charles Onwuche, 418-1080

  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
    Public Space/Facilities

Action Team F: Finance

Meeting Place — George Washington University
Chair: Scott Mills, 608-2063
TA: Beverly Rivers, 418-1080
SA: Scott Simpson, 418-1080

  • Tax
  • Capital Planning
  • Operations Budget
  • Banking and Insurance

Action Team G Operations

Meeting Place — George Washington University
Chair: Dwight Cropp, 994-5191
TA: Beverly Rivers, 418-1080
SA: Scott Simpson, 418-1080

  • Executive Office of the Mayor
  • Personnel
  • Boards and Commissions
  • Protocol

Action Team H: Competitive Government

Meeting Place — Trinity College
Chair: Gregory McCarthy, 383-7777
TA: Rosslyn Snowden, 418-1080
SA: Charles Onwuche, 418-1080

  • Labor
  • Competitive Government
  • Workforce Development
  • Performance Measures/Benchmarks

Action Team I: Transition to Home Rule

Meeting Place — Georgetown University
Chair: Tom Williamson, 662-6000
TA: David King, 418-1080
SA: Scott Simpson, 418-1080

  • Transition to Home Rule
  • Regionalism
  • Receiverships

Action Team J: Special Constituencies

Meeting Place — UDC
Chair: Ariana Quinones-Miranda, 776-1737
TA: Charles Onwuche, 418-1080

  • Latino
  • Asian
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Women
  • Seniors

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Williams ’98 Transition Timeline

  • Planning
1/16 – 11/23
  • Kick-off meeting
  • First Action Team meetings with Mayor-Elect
12/2 – 12/5
  • Regular Action Team meetings
Start 11/24
  • Data collection/analysis
11/24 – 1/4
  • Agency visits
12/7 – 12/10
  • Public meeting
  • Interim report due
  • Transition Committee to review reports
12/21 – 1/4
  • Production
1/5 – 1/15
  • Final report distributed

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