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First Quarter Report of Fiscal Year 1999 of the DC Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority
January 20, 1999




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First Quarter Report On the Obligation and Expenditure of Non-Appropriated Funds for Fiscal Year 1999

Section 138(c) of the District of Columbia Appropriations Act for 1998, Public Law 105100, requires the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority ("Authority") to provide "an itemized accounting of all non-appropriated funds obligated or expended by the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority for the quarter." These reports are due 20 calendar days after the end of each fiscal quarter. Pursuant to this requirement, the Authority hereby submits this report on the first quarter of Fiscal Year 1999 with respect to the obligation or expenditure of non-appropriated funds.

This report identifies those obligations and/or expenditures derived from the earnings on funds held on behalf of the District of Columbia government by the Authority. The amounts held by the Authority on behalf of the District include the Federal Payment/Contribution, the proceeds from Treasury advances or borrowings, the proceeds from borrowings in the private capital markets, plus other federally appropriated monies to the District earmarked by the Congress.

For purposes of this report, the definition of non-appropriated funds excludes any expenditures made by the Authority against appropriated funds of either the Authority or the District.

Detailed in the report are Authority expenditures related to Fiscal Year 1999 activity which utilize interest earnings that have accrued over time from various escrow accounts held by the Authority. Moreover, Section 106 of the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Act, as amended, allows for the use of interest earnings to cover the operations of the Authority. Specifically, the Act requires the Authority to ensure the most efficient and effective delivery of services, including public safety services; to eliminate budget deficits and cash shortages; to review the fiscal impact of District government activities; and to ensure the long-term financial, fiscal, and economic vitality and operational efficiency of the District of Columbia.

The Appropriations Act of 1999 of the Congress provided additional budget resources to the Authority to support the Office of the Chief Management Officer.

The National Capital Revitalization and Self-government Improvement Act ("Revitalization Act"), Public Law 105-33, which was signed by the President on August 5, 1997, required the Authority to engage consultants to develop and implement management reform plans to improve public services for the following departments and government-wide functions: Administrative Services; Consumer and Regulatory Affairs; Corrections; Employment Services; Fire and Emergency Services; Housing and Community Development; Human Services; Public Health; Public Works; Asset Management; Information Resources Management; Personnel Management; and Procurement. When Congress considered the legislation which transferred oversight of these agencies and functions to the Authority, the Authority indicated that it would recruit a senior staff member to assist with this added responsibility To this end, the position of Chief Management Officer was created. The Office of the Chief Management Officer is proceeding with the implementation of management reform plans. With the assistance of the Mayor and the Chief Financial Officer, the Authority will continue to work to ensure that the necessary funding is available to support the implementation of the management reform plans.

As referenced in the Authority's Annual Report to the Congress, the Revitalization Act also required the Authority to review and recommend changes where necessary, to regulations and the permit and application processes of the District of Columbia. In February, 1998, the Authority transmitted a comprehensive report to Congress on streamlining, revising or eliminating the regulations and application/permit processes of the District. On May 28, 1998, the Authority adopted a Resolution, Orders and Recommendations on regulatory reform. The Authority made 49 legislative recommendations to the Mayor and the Council and issued almost 200 orders for new regulations and administrative procedures in the District government. These proposals were designed to promote economic development in the District, improve the financial stability and management efficiency of the District government, make the District more competitive with surrounding jurisdictions, and remove barriers to investment and growth in the District.

These activities which began during Fiscal Year 1998 and will continue into Fiscal Year 1999. Not all of the Authority's proposals were adopted by the Council of the District of Columbia, and some policy differences must still be worked out during the fiscal year. Eliminating unnecessary regulations and streamlining the permitting process will take time, but over the next several months, the Authority expects the District to make substantial progress in this area.

During the remainder of Fiscal Year 1999, the Authority anticipates that interest earnings will primarily be used to advance payment for the following major expenditure categories: personnel costs and expenses associated with the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council staff; specific management reform projects and productivity improvements related to the Metropolitan Police Department, the University of the District of Columbia and the District of Columbia Public Schools; regulatory reform and other expenditures related to District-wide initiatives; further implementation of the Authority's priorities and goals, and other administrative expenses related to management reform efforts.

A portion of these expenditures and costs may be reimbursed directly from agencies or through the Office of the Chief Financial Officer as additional management reform allocations are awarded. A detailed statement of the obligations and expenses of the Authority for the first quarter of Fiscal Year 1999 is attached.

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District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority
Statement of Expenses of Non-Appropriated Funds
First Quarter Report for the Period Ending December 31, 1998

Date Name Obligated 10/01/98 - 12/31/98 Expenditures Year-to-Date Expenditures
Criminal Justice Coordinating Council:
Personnel Cost $53,545 $53,545
Occupancy Costs - -
General Capital Expenditures 3,720 3,720
Contractual Costs - -
General Administrative Expense 8,368 8,368
Total Expenditures (Criminal Justice Coordinating Council) 10/01/98 $854,736 $65,633 $65,633
Other Contractual Costs:
Assistance in public safety and criminal justice oversight 06/15/98 Booz-Allen & Hamilton $52,554 - -
Provide management reform support and technical assistance to DCPS 07/15/98 Council of Great City Schools 445,015 24,117 24,117
Regulatory reform document imaging 10/01/98 DCRA 2,600,000 - -
Initial planning for “Tech City” IT Project 10/23/98 OCTO 4,061,050 - -
Regulatory reform — Zoning Commission 12/02/98 Arnold and Porter 3,600 - -
Total Other Contractual Costs $24,117 $24,117
Total Expenditures $89,750 $89,750

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