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Control Board approves of Lloyd Jordan’s
nomination as director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs
August 7, 1998




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DCWatch Press Release on nomination Control Board statement approving nomination

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For immediate release: August 7, 1998, 3:30 p.m.
For more information, contact Dorothy A. Brizill

Giving Reform a Bad Name
Control Board Approves of Bad Nomination and Contract Cronyism

Today, the Control Board (the DC Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority) approved the nomination of Lloyd Jordan, former chief of staff to Mayor Freeman Bosley, Jr., of St. Louis, as director of the DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs. Mr. Jordan’s nomination continues the sorry history of appointments made by Mayor Marion Barry, Jr., during his four terms as Mayor, and is indeed worse than most of them.

Members of the Control Board were fully aware of Mr. Jordan’s lack of experience and poor record, as detailed in the attached article, and apparently decided to continue DCRA’s long history of incompetence, mismanagement, favoritism, and corruption.

Also yesterday, Control Board Chairman Andrew Brimmer announced that Chief Management Officer Camille Cates Barnett did nothing wrong when she awarded a non-competitive, sole-source, $893,416 contract to a friend and did not submit the contract to the Control Board for its required approval. The Control Board’s lack of action suggests that its appointees can engage in illegal contract practices and cronyism with its approval, and that the only punishment will be the canceling of the contract if it is accidentally discovered by the press.

“Not only has the Control Board failed miserably to bring better services to District residents,” said Dorothy Brizill, the executive director of DCWatch, a good government watchdog organization in the District. “It has also failed to raise the ethical standards that we should expect of government employees. The Control Board, created to reform the District’s government, is giving ‘reform’ a bad name.”


District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority Washington, D.C.


Statement of the Chairman, Dr. Andrew F. Brimmer

CONTACT: Jim Davison

Good afternoon. Today the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority meets to appoint two new Directors for critical agencies of the District Government. With the resignations of the Director of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, and the Director of Employment Services, it is incumbent on this Authority to replace them as quickly as possible.

In accordance with the 1997 National Capital Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act, the Mayor must nominate, in consultation with the Authority and the Council, heads of departments of the government of the District of Columbia. In addition, the nomination shall be effective, subject to the approval by a majority vote of the Authority.

We consider these appointments today after the process for naming Department Heads has correctly run its course. The Mayor has selected a nominee for each vacant position, and the nominees have been considered by the City Council. Having reviewed their recommendations, the Authority is today approving the nominations, and appointing Mr. Lloyd J. Jordan to be head of the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs; and Mr. Gregory Irish, to be head of the Department of Employment Services.

Mr. Jordan is a dedicated public servant, with professional experience in positions such as Chief of Staff and Chief Administrative Officer for the City of St. Louis, as a directing and managing attorney for CNA Insurance Companies in Chicago, and as the City Attorney in Kinloch, Missouri. He is a creative and thorough manager with expertise in legal affairs, economic development, labor relations, financial management and budget analysis, and strategic planning.

He takes over an agency that has suffered from deficiencies that are having a negative impact on the District’s image. Mr. Jordan, working closely with the Authority, and the Chief Management Officer, will be responsible for overhauling the agency, rectifying these problems, and changing the perceptions of the citizens about one of their most critical agencies.

Utilizing the management reform process already in progress, Mr. Jordan must build a new DCRA, one that is a model of effectiveness, through improvements in strategic management, performance measurement, organizational structure, human resources management, information technology improvements, and better financial management and administrative practices.

Mr. Irish comes to the District of Columbia from the County of Santa Cruz, California, where he most recently was the Director of Employment and Training. He has also been employed as the Director of Human Services for the County of Santa Barbara, owned his own public affairs consulting firm, and worked at the City Council for the City of Los Angeles.

He takes charge of an agency that is not serving the citizens of the District as well as it should. The Department he takes charge of, Employment Services has one of the most vital rolls in the revitalization of the District. As Director, Mr. Irish will oversee the eight management reform projects identified by the Authority in 1997, which are currently in progress. Of the eight projects, three are scheduled for full implementation in early Fall 1998. The three projects are: (1) the “one stop shop” to assist those unemployed in locating work; (2) the Workforce Investment Board which replaces three existing bodies (e.g.,) the Private Industry Council, the Apprenticeship Council, and the State Job Training Coordinating Council; and (3) welfare reform.

Let me now ask my colleagues whether they have any comments.

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