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Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association Newsletter
May 2000

CSNA meets the second Thursday of every month.
Next meeting is Thursday, May 11, 7:00 p.m.
The Saloon, 1207 U Street, NW

Graffiti Paint Out: CSNA Comes Clean

Graffiti continues to appear in our neighborhoods. And, we're continuing our two-year old graffiti abatement project. We're working with the remainder of the 48 gallons of paint Duron donated to the project. As you walk around the neighborhood please be aware of any graffiti you see. It really takes a conscious effort to notice it. Look at the back of signs, alley walls, and stairwells, as well as the big blank walls. In the inner city we get soused to seeing graffiti that it becomes part of the background so we don't tend to notice it. But to someone coming into the area it's very noticeable. It can make visitors uncomfortable since graffiti is frequently associated with drug or gang active. When graffiti is out of control it can also signal a neighborhood that doesn't care about its image or the quality of life of its residents.

Painting out graffiti gives me instant gratification. I see the improvement as soon as the paint is on. Notice the windows of the vacant building next to the True Reformer. One minute they were covered with graffiti and old flyers, the next minute they're wiped clean. It takes two or three of us going out for one hour on a Saturday morning to take care of a lot of graffiti. If you're interested in painting out graffiti (or if you know of graffiti that needs to be painted over), give me a call. — Chuck Baxter, 232-7921,

Historic Preservation Meeting

The Historic Preservation review committee will be using the regularly scheduled CSNA meeting to review a large project coming to our neighborhood so that all CSNA members can comment on the plans; Metropolis Development of a parcel at 14th and V Streets, across from the Reeves Center and adjacent to Mango's restaurant. It will include retail on the ground floor, townhomes above, and a tower of 56 duplex style condominium units. Its modern design is by architect Shalom Bananas, who will be on hand to answer our questions. Hope to see you there! — Paul Williams, 202-462-3389

U Street Cleanup Meeting

A reminder that the U Street Cleanup Planning meeting is this Tuesday, 5/9/00, 6:30 pm @ The Saloon (1205 U Street). We hope to see you there. This is a great way for us to improve our neighborhood, raise money for youth scholarships, and meet some great folk - last year we planted more than 2000 flowers, removed 4 tons of trash from 12 square blocks, and raised more than $8,000 for school scholarships by involving more than 300 residents! Let's look to keep the TRAIN ROLL'N. — Ayize Sabater, Community INTACT!, 202.331.0592 x 221; Scott Pomeroy, CSNA Block Captain Coordinator, 202.667.6524

Minutes From Meeting of Thursday, 13 April 2000

Scott Pomeroy announced that the planning meetings concerning the May 13th U Street Clean Up would be held at 6:30 PM on all intervening Tuesdays in the upstairs room at the Saloon (1207 U Street). Scott emphasized the need for people to volunteer to be Block Captains. He explained that Captains would be responsible for informing specific block residents of the Clean Up Day in advance, asking for scholarship contributions (matching contributions will be provided by Community Impact), and overseeing the clean up projects on the block.


Deborah Martens announced that she and David Schaffer are planning to open a 3100 square foot furniture store at 1330 U Street NW. The store will be similar in character to Crate & Barrel. It will occupy both the ground and first floors of the newly renovated building.

Paul Williams stated that Jocelyn Russell has recently completed her first year as the Director of the Lincoln Theater. She has expanded the theater's annual budget from $100,000 to $1,000,00(1! Future plans include several facade improvements including display windows and a new marquee. In advance of the theater's 80'" Anniversary in 2002 Jocelyn is planning to embark on a fund raising goal of $25,000,000 for future Lincoln Theater projects.

The year 2002 will witness several commemorations, not only will the Lincoln Theater turn eighty, the Prince Hall Masonic Building and the True Reformer Building will be one hundred years old in 2002. All three organizations are coordinating their celebration planning.

Chuck Baxter invited all attendees to sign up and participate in the graffiti abatement program. Chuck noted that this program has been ongoing since 1997. Scott Pomeroy announced that the city has anti-graffiti kits available for neighborhood organizations through the DPW rapid response teams.

It was announced that a grant request for fourteen new metal tree boxes has been made to the local ANC Committee. It is anticipated that these new street furnishings will be appearing soon along the U Street corridor.


After several years of persistent problems, the landlord of Egber's Liquors has decided not to renew the lease of the liquor establishment. Appreciative remarks can be forwarded to Mike Norishad, who also owns King's Chicken on U Street.

Membership dues remain unpaid for many for calendar year 2000. If you have not yet paid up, please do so. Additionally, members are encouraged to invite the neighbors on their block to attend our meetings. Additional copies of the monthly newsletter can be obtained by contacting Julie or Buck Clarke (202) 387-5937.

Chuck Baxter presented the monthly treasurer's report. As of April 1, 2000, CSNA has a balance of $1,804.88. From this amount we have allocated $215.35 for graffiti abatement and $250.00 for anticipated printing costs relating to the upcoming Welcome Packages to be distributed throughout the CSNA area. This leaves us with an available balance of $1,339.53.

Paul Williams reported that the Cardozo-Shaw Historic Review Board recently met to review drawings for a proposed six-unit apartment building planned for 1451 Florida Avenue NW. The drawings were sent back to the architect with several questions by the Board owing to the lack of details provided thus far in the drawings.

Scott Pomeroy proposed the following motions:

  • The Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association formally requests that DCRA move 2236 13th Street, NW to the top of their demolition list. This deteriorating property has been the subject of repeated calls to DCRA for years and constitutes an imminent threat to public safety.
  • The Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association formally endorses the DPW plan to remove rush hour traffic from 131 Street, NW, between Logan Circle and Piney Branch Road. This four mile stretch is almost entirely residential, except for the eleven schools which are on or within one block of 13'" Street. The removal of rush hour traffic will improve pedestrian safety and allow tax paying residents to park overnight without having to move their cars early in the morning.

Both proposals were approved unanimously.

CSNA Officers

Co-presidents: Scott Pomeroy 667-6524; Paul Williams 462-6251
Vice President: Kamal Jahanbein 462-2640
Treasurer: Chuck Baxter 232-7921
Rcdg Secretary: Jay Murphy 232-4564

Help Raise Money for the NW Scholarship Fund
Saturday, May 13, 2000
9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

The event kicks-off at The True Reformer Building (1200 U Street NW - entrance on 12'" street), moves to the areas that will be cleaned covering the area between 9th to 15th and S Street to Clifton Street NW. The event ends with a community picnic.

How Can You Be Involved ?

We need volunteers to serve in a number of capacities:

Serve as a Block Captain: Talk with your neighbors, distribute fliers, organize cleanup of your block; make phone calls reminding people of cleanup.
Identify Cleanup Zones: Make a list of places in your immediate neighborhood that you would like to see cleaned, painted, etc.
Give a Donation: Your contribution is tax deductible and goes towards a matching fund for youth scholarships in NW
Participate in Cleanup: Commit to being present at the cleanup on Maya 3, 2000. We need active participation from the entire community!
Serve on the Hospitality Committee: Planting flowers, sweeping and mopping not your thing? Consider serving on the hospitality committee that will prepare food for the picnic and keep volunteers supplied with cold water.

Contact Ayize Sabater 202-331-0592

A Partnership between Community IMPACT!, Neighborhood residents, UBAC, CSNA; Civil War Museum, Public Welfare Foundation, The D.C. Government and The Mayor's Office
Annual U Street Neighborhood Cleanup To Raise Money For Scholarships, That Brings Together Residents, Organizations, and Businesses To Improve Our Community

Please Support The Annual U Street Cleanup

On May 13, residents, business owners, students and volunteers will spend the morning working to improve the neighborhood by cleaning and painting different parts of U Street and the surrounding neighborhood, by participating in the Annual U Street Cleanup. This event will raise money for scholarships for local youth.

COMMUNITY IMPACT! is a non-profit organization that works with neighborhood stakeholders to support community service projects that involve people from the community, improve the community, and invest in the future of the community.

Community IMPACT! is supporting this project by securing supplies and equipment.

ALL direct donations for this event will be doubled (through a match by CI) and go into the NW Neighborhood Scholarship Fund.


Current List of Paid CSNA Members:

Nightclub 9:30
Bob Aagre
Clay Batchelor
Ethel Bordley
Andrea Carlson & Mark Wilhite
Haile DeBass
Greg & Francie Gallishaw
Gragg & Associates
Palmer & Dana Jackson
Ann Hawthorne
Lynn Johnson
Andrew King
Jeff Koenreich
Claudia Malloy
Glenn & Lynette Melcher
New City Group (Peter Means)
Paul Robertson
Geoffery & Lucia Seaver
Akio Stribling & Alanna Daley
Jessica Vallette & Robert Revere
The Washington Blade
George Abar & Alys Campaigne
Ellen Arledge
Chuck Baxter
Adrian Braganza & Lay Rosser
B. Alice Carr
Mulu DeBass
Domenic & Melanie Giordano
Mattie Grant
Linda Harper
Robin Herman
Sharon Dreyfuss Karlin
Dan & Bibiche Knauf
Noelle Lewis
Manna, Inc.
Kerry & Misa Meyer
Scott Pomeroy
Herbert Sample
Steven Stichter
Bill Thompson & Ann Herzog
Philip Wagner
Edna White
Hazel Adkins
Elizabeth Blakeslee
Thomas Burton
Julie & Buck Clarke
Jennifer & Abdi Dhore
Chuck Goldfarb & Bo Hong
James H. Gray, Jr.
Heather Harter
Home Rule (Greg Link)
Kelsey & Associates (Paul Williams)
A. J. Kochis Co.
Kimberlee Locke
Matthew Marcou
Jay Murphy
Robert Revere & Jessica Vallette
Phil & Courtney Schuchter
Nicole Streeter
Steven Tulin
Jane Wallace

And Welcome New Members!

Bob Reeg, 2200 block of 12th Place
Jacqueline Southall and Janette Brown, Unitax Systems, 1900 block of 11th Street
David Ferer, 1800 block of 13th Street
Deborah Martens, Urban Essentials, Inc.
Olive Vassell, 2200 block of 12th Place

Membership Renewal Form

Follow this link and print out the page to renew your membership.

Save the Date!

When Where Event Contact
May 9, 6:30 p.m. The Saloon, 1207 U Street, NW U Street Cleanup Meeting Scott Pomeroy, 667-6524
May 10, 7:00 p.m. Civil War Memorial ANC1B Meeting Glenn Melcher, 307-1099
May 11, 7:00 p.m. The Saloon Membership Meeting Scott Pomeroy, 667-6524; Paul Williams, 462-6251
May 23, 7:00 p.m. 922 Westminster Street WNA Meeting Chuck Baxter, 232-7971

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