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Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association Newsletter
March 2000

CSNA meets the second Thursday of every month.
Next meeting is Thursday, March 9, 7:00 p.m.
Walker Memorial Baptist Church 2020 13th St., NW
Please note that beginning this month membership meetings will return to the traditional venue at Walker Memorial Baptist Church.

Meeting Notes — Thursday, Feb. 10, 2000

Location: The Saloon

Police Report presented by Lieutenant Neal

Julie Clarke moved that CSNA endorse a letter (previously endorsed by the ANC) calling for 14th & W to that designated as a Police Hot-Spot. Seconded by Steve Tulin and unanimously passed.

Paul Williams reported that in a recent conversation he had with President Clinton, the President told him, "Whatever your organization is doing in Cardozo-Shaw you're doing it right."

John Mathews, an attorney living on Wallach Place discussed with Williams the advantages of obtaining Non-Profit status for CSNA. In particular he pointed out that this would enable us to apply for several available grants. Attorney Robin Herman has expressed interest in the past to assist in this effort. Julie Clarke moved that CSNA pursue the paperwork in obtaining non-profit status, Scott Pomeroy second, and the motion was passed unanimously.

The upcoming CSNA Neighborhood Clean Up (May 13) in conjunction with Community Impact, DCRA and Keep America Beautiful was discussed. CSNA needs to conduct a survey to identify nuisance properties, and various things that the community believes ought to be done during the Clean Up. Kerry Triangle has already put together a survey that they will share with us.

Public Welfare Organization will be encouraging input throughout the next 6-8 months as to how the neighborhood would like to see the empty land behind the True Reformer Building to be utilized (12th and U). CSNA will sponsor a forum in the upcoming months to address ideas.

Treasurer's Report: The Christmas party brought in $400 in donations, bringing us up to a total of $1636.00 less the $250.00 allocated for producing the Neighborhood Packet.

Harrison Square Residential Sales: Sales of the 98 new town homes are wildly ahead of schedule. Twentysix had been purchased at last count and they have only been on the market two and one-half weeks. (Update: over 50 have been sold as of March 1)

Historic Preservation Addition:
Police Call Boxes: The Committee needs help with a survey we are doing of the location of police call boxes in the neighborhood. There are approx. 1800 abandoned police call boxes citywide. $500,000 has been raised to refurbish them. The DC Heritage Tourism Foundation and the DC Commission of the Arts wish to pair up local artists with the various boxes, and incorporate history of the surrounding neighborhood into the redecoration ofthe boxes. To assist, call Paul Williams at 462-6251.

Also discussed at the meeting: someone suggested that the next newsletter include a questionnaire asking members to identify nuisance properties that they believe need to be cleaned up.

It was also discussed that the next newsletter encourage people to consider the types of things they would like to see happen in the neighborhood and then create committees to address these issues. Such information could be compiled into a Neighborhood Packet of informational materials. Other information that might be included in the packet would be a listing of local businesses that are members of CSNA and information pertaining to the ramifications of the neighborhood's Historic Landmark status. It is very important to inform people about what facade changes they are allowed to make and what they are required to secure approval for. Paul Williams moved that $250.00 be set aside from the association's treasury to pay for the costs of producing these packets. Julie Clarke seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

CSNA Officers

Co-presidents Scott Pomeroy 667-6524
Paul Williams 462-6251
Vice President Kamal Jahanbein 462-2640
Treasurer Chuck Baxter 232-7921
Rdg Secretary Jay Murphy 232-4564


Our esteemed treasurer reports that dues are lagging severely behind prior years' receipts. If your name is not among those noted below, then CSNA hasn't received your contribution. And since only paid members are entitled to vote and receive the info-filled newsletter, our postal charges could soon become remarkably small (in addition to our being able to hold meetings in a VW Beetle). Don't miss out; send your check today!

Kelsey & Associates
New City Group
George Abar & Alys Campaigne
Chuck Baxter
Andrea Carlson & Mark Wilhite
Julie & Buck Clarke
Jennifer & Abdi Dhore
James H. Gray, Jr.
Robin Herman
Sharon Dreyfuss Karlin
Matthew Marcou
Scott Pomeroy
Steven Stichter
Bill Thompson & L. Ann Herzog
Steven Tulin

A Listening Earl

Mr. Riggsby from the Corporation Council will attend our March Meeting to glean from us our needs, wants, and desires in regard to problem properties, public services, and other city responsibilities that are lacking. It's part of a new public outreach program Corporation Council is spearheading, so CSNA members should come prepared with brief grievances!


Historic Preservation
Far too many violations of the historic preservation law were recently reported in our district, further indicating that we need to produce a flyer on historic preservation and what it means to live in a historic district, to be included in our upcoming "neighborhood package" that CSNA is planning on distributing on the CleanUp day. More on that later. The building at 1330 U Street that CSNA saved from the wrecking ball in 1998 is being renovated into a Pottery Barn-like furniture store called Urban Essentials! We will hear from the new owner (and neighbor) at our April CSNA meeting. She expects to open by June 30th! We also expect to be reviewing the large building planned for the metro/ parking/flea market site in the next two months, according to Donatelli & Klein, the winner in the recent RFP.

Hotspots Survey for Neighborhood Clean Up Form and
Membership Renewal Form

Save the Date!

When Where Event Contact
March 8, 7:00 p.m. Civil War Memorial ANC Meeting Glenn Melcher, 307-1099
March 9, 7:00 p.m. Walker Memorial Baptist Church Membership Meeting Scott Pomeroy, 667-6524
Paul Williams, 462-6251

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