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Dear Readers,

Parents United is once again in a funding slump. We have a major cash flow problem that will not be alleviated until late in January. You can help. If every recipient of this newsletter (around 9,000 people) would send us just $5, the cash flow problem would be solved. The UPDATE costs us almost $5,000, and that's using third class mail. If we send it first class, it costs over $6,000. Please consider a tax deductible donation to support the work we do.

Consider the fact that it was Parents United who brought parents together with Arlene Ackerman on October 8th for an informative hour of Questions and Answers. Or, that we will be bringing more policy makers together with parents at our December 1st Education Summit.

Support our work and you will be supporting improving public education in the District of Columbia. Print this page and send your donation with the form below to: Parents United, 1300 19th St., NW Suite 330, Washington, DC 20036. Donors will receive a copy of our Parent Handbook, if wanted. It contains all the critical administrators names and their new phone numbers you'll need to solve problems. Please check off below if you want the handbook. Thank you for your help!

Yes, I can help. Here is my tax deductible donation to support your work.

$5 __________ $10 __________ $25 __________ $50 __________ $100 __________ Other __________

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________ Apt ________ Zip Code _____________

Phone(s): h__________________________ w_______________________ School(s): _____________________

Yes, I want the handbook ________  No, I don't need the handbook __________

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