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Mayor Adrian Fenty
One hundredth day press release
April 12, 2007




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Government of the District of Columbia
Executive Office of the Mayor
April 12, 2007 
CONTACT: Mafara Hobson
(Office) 202.727.2320

Fenty Marks 100th Day in Office With a Look to the Future
Fenty: “This is Only the Beginning”

Mayor Fenty marked the success of his first 100 days in office by highlighting some of his administration's achievements at the Barry Farm Recreation Center today. The Mayor laid out the goals for the first year of his administration in January in “One Hundred Days and Beyond: 2007 Action Plan for the District.” The administration met 94 percent of the 103 goals set for the first hundred days. In addition to meeting the 100 day goals, eight goals due after 100 days have already been achieved. 

Highlights of achieved goals are below with a complete list of accomplishments of 100 Days and Beyond at http://dc.gov/mayor/100day/Plan

Education: Excellent Opportunities for Quality Lifelong Learning

  • Support a comprehensive, citywide strategy for Out of School Time programs, including public schools, community organizations, funders and other entities inside and outside the government
  • Work with institutions of higher education, college access providers and other community partners to develop an action plan supporting the citywide goal of "doubling the numbers" of DC high school students graduating from college

Public Safety: A Safe City and a Secure Nations Capitol

  • Add four more EMS transport units to improve response times (30 days)
  • Reinstate the Continuing Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Program at FEMS (60 Days)
  • Implement enhanced officer deployment and resource allocation with an emphasis on maximizing deployment to the PSAs and increasing first line supervision (100 days)

Public Health: A Healthy City

  • Award contract to begin construction of Ward 1 Senior Wellness Center (90 days)
  • Prevent sexually transmitted diseases by exploring needle exchange programs and broader condom distribution (100 days)
  • Introduce legislation that will improve the Districts ability to enforce against all regional health threats and hazards including lead (100 days)

Human Services: A Caring City

  • Hold an interagency summit to bring together youth-serving agencies and their constituents, in coordination with DYRS “Reconnecting Disconnected Youth” component (90 days)
  • Create new and clear pathways into the job market for youth at risk of disconnection from school and work or already disconnected by developing a pilot career training requirement in a DC services contract to provide job training and opportunities (100 days)

Infrastructure and Environment: Creating a Sustainable City for the 21st Century

  • Break ground on the navy Yard Metro expansion in the ballpark area (30 days)
  • Fund planning for the development of two new recreational centers (100 days)
  • Launch Street Smart traffic safety education program for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists (100 days)

Operations: Making Our Government Responsive, Accountable, Transparent and Efficient (RATE)

Display the snow plow tracking system on the dc.gov website (30 days)

Significantly reduce backlog of contract requests that are in process (100 days)

Economic Development & Affordable Housing: A City of Opportunity

  • Appoint an Affordable Housing Coordinator under the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (30 days)
  • Design a comprehensive workforce development strategy (60 days)
  • Open a new, customer-oriented permit center at DCRA, and examine the possibilities of conducting online permitting (100 days)

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