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Mayor Adrian Fenty
Presentation on FY2008 proposed budget
March 23, 2007




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Moving Forward Faster

Budget Briefing
Mayor's Proposed FY 2008 Budget
March 23, 2007

Government of the District of Columbia
Adrian M. Fenty

Public Education

  • The proposed FY08 budget increases the per-student foundation level from $8,002 to $8,322.
  • In FY07, DCPS received General Education formula funds for 55,558 students. Actual current enrollment is only 52,191 students.
  • The proposed FY08 budget projects a loss in DCPS enrollment of 3,033 students, which equals the average annual enrollment change for the past 3 years. Savings from this change total $25.6 million.
  • In addition to the funds budgeted to DCPS and DCPCS, $30.6 million will be set aside in a non-departmental State Education Activity Fund to support state education functions that would be transferred from DCPS to SEO under the Mayor's Education Reform legislation.
  • D.C. Public Charter Schools:
    • Enrollment is projected to increase by 15.4% to 22,329 students.
    • Total DCPCS proposed budget is $320,365,704, an increase of 20% over FY07.
  • SEO will begin a new SAT Prep pilot program in District schools.
  • D.C. Public Library: 12% increase over FY07 budget
    • $1.2 million in new services for children and teens including homework help, summer reading, and Youth Librarian program
    • $2.7 million in new investments in computers and technology
    • $2 million increase to maintain facilities and update collections, plus continued commitment of over $165 million in capital dollars over 6 years to modernize neighborhood libraries

Public Safety

  • Metropolitan Police Department: $48 million increase over FY07
    • Ramp-up to 300 additional officers and civilianize 82 positions
    • $3 million in technology upgrades to interrogation rooms and SOCC
    • Fully fund Forensics Lab technicians and Consolidated Lab Facility
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Services: new funds focused on improving outcomes in medical emergencies
    • $0.5 million for Base Command Medical Officers stationed at 6 hospitals to improve drop times
    • Additional resources to support regular training and recertification
    • $0.9 million increase to fire investigations unit
  • Department of Corrections:
    • $4.8 million to upgrade technology in jail facility
    • $2.8 million to recruit new staff to meet mandated ratios


Growth in the DOH budget is driven by continued movement toward universal health coverage through increasing enrollment in the safety net.

$600k increase in HIV surveillance and testing

$500k increase to reduce infant mortality through public outreach and home visits from family support workers

$200k increase in Health Professional Loan Repayment program

Up to $7.4 million for Medicaid rate analysis and provider payment increases

$600k increase in DOH and OIG for Medicaid fraud detection

Budget increase will allow DMH to meet settlement mandates while improving mental health services.

Reduce hospitalizations by expanding CPEP to 72-hours

$4.3 million to expand mental health services for families and youth, including assessments and mobile crisis response

Human Services

  • The budgets for CFSA and DYRS provide standing court cases by making key services.
    • $4.9 million increase in adoption and guardianship subsidies to fund 350 additional permanent placements.
    • $8.6 million to support effective, community-based services for court-involved youth.
  • The new Department of Disability Services (formerly MRDDA and RSA) includes an aggressive but realistic projection of $10 million in increased federal reimbursements.
  • $3 million in additional cash assistance for families receiving TANF.
  • $0.9 million to establish a new Office of Disability Rights to ensure the accessibility of District facilities and services.

Infrastructure and Environment

  • The budget adds $4.7 million in Local funds to the Department of Parks and Recreation to restore summer programs and invest in maintenance of facilities and fields, while funding a $250 million six-year capital plan for recreation centers.
  • Department of Environment adds $5.4 million in Local funds to the LIHEAP program, while coordinating lead abatement and strengthening enforcement of environmental regulations.
  • DMV will improve efficiency by increasing the time between inspections and license renewals.
  • The DDOT budget transitions to a Unified Fund for transportation management and capital projects. A one-time infusion of Local funds (and potentially additional revenues) will support enhanced projects including commercial corridor streetscaping.
  • DPW will initiate a $1.2 million anti-litter campaign, and an increase of $1.1 million will support additional cleaning of commercial corridors.

Housing and Economic Development

  • DOES increases its budget for Youth Employment by $3 million and will enroll over 11,000 participants in the summer youth employment program.
  • New Local funding of $0.5 million will support a job training and placement center for re-entrants, and complements over $8 million in the Transitional Employment Program.
  • The Office of Planning and Deputy Mayor for Economic Development will spend $1.0 million to implement the District's new Inclusionary Zoning policy and Comprehensive Plan.
  • The new, independent Office of the Tenant Advocate is supported with a budget of $1.6 million.
  • The budget consolidates other rental housing administrative functions within DHCD.

Government Operations

  • The FY08 budget supports an immediate reform program for both the procurement and human resources functions. Traditionally starved for resources, focus, and investment, these agencies will secure consistent funding through a client-financed cost recovery system. District agencies will be assessed based on the level of service they receive.
  • The Department of Human Resources is funded at $18.2 million, 24% more than the FY07 level. The proposed budget includes new investments in developing a centrally-funded, government-wide internship program.
  • DHR will be funded based on a per-FTE assessment on each client agency, capped at $1.5 million.
  • The budget initially funds OCP at the baseline level of $13.8 million, pending completion of an analysis of agency resource needs.
  • Agency procurement assessments will be based on a percentage charge on gross contracting volume, similar to the GSA cost recovery system.

Fixed Costs

  • Total fixed cost spending is estimated over $335 million, an increase of 13.5% over FY07.
  • The FY08 budget will implement fixed cost containment strategies, which include:
    • A freeze on additional leased agency space, resulting in a savings of $3.8 million.
    • A reduction in the size of the District's motor vehicle fleet.
    • Disconnect over 2,000 low-use telephone lines.
    • DDOE will identify energy reduction opportunities for District occupied space.
    • CapStat will monitor actual use of fixed cost commodities
  • Fixed cost savings will be re-invested in agencies.

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