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The DC Voter
League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia
April 1998

2025 Eye Street, N.W., #916-917, Washington, DC 20006
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President's Corner
Making Our Votes Count for a Better City
LWVDC's Super Senior: June Duke
Be a Bed and Breakfast Host/ess!
"A Vision for 2000" General Meeting Report
DC Voters and Friends Coffeehouse
Yes, There Will Be a "Picnic" on Saturday, May 2
Around Town
Committee Updates
Iraq Crisis Legacy: Questions Unanswered by Current League Positions on the U.N.
LWV/The National Capital Area

From the President
Dates to Remember
NCA Water Task Force

Annual Meeting, April 21, 1998
Biographies of Candidates
Proposed Budget for FY 1998
Member News: Flossie A. Lee

President's Corner

Annual Meeting. I hope to see you at Annual Meeting, April 21, at the Coach and IV Restaurant in the Reeves Center, when we all meet to discuss program, choose officers, and approve the budget for the coming year. Our speaker is Washington Post columnist, Colbert King. We will celebrate our gains over the last year, honor our student Civic/Voter Responsibility Essay Contest Winners and look forward to a lively election and post-election.

Brown Bag Dialogues. One of our must valuable programs is the Brown Bag Discussion Series coordinated by Pat Hallman. These dialogues with local leaders are an excellent source of information and thought-provoking discussion. Our dialogue on April 27 will discuss the news media.

National Convention. Recently I forwarded your Unit suggestions for National Program to the LWVUS for consideration at the LWVUS Convention in San Diego, June 13-16. Those suggestions were to press forward with voting representation for D.C. in Congress as part of the current Issue for Emphasis, "Making Democracy Work," and a limited restudy of League positions on the U.N.

Action. Concerning the environment, I sent a letter to Constance Newman of the D.C. Financial Authority about our position on the proposal for an amusement park on Children's Island which we oppose. The proposal is contrary to the Comprehensive Plan for D.C. and an environmental impact study is needed before any development is considered. – Luci Murphy

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Making Our Votes Count for a Better City

"Making Our Votes Count," the voter education and participation coalition launched by the D.C. League, is very active. Our coalition already has seven organizational participants, and every ward in the city is represented on our steering committee. On April 25th and 29th, we'll be holding briefings far neighborhood workshop leaders. For further information and/or to lend a hand, call Elinor Hart at 202/331-4122.


Apr 1 (Wed), noon, Executive Committee Meeting, LWVDC, 2025 Eye Street, NW
Apr 7 (Tue), May DC Voter deadline
Apr 8 (Wed) 10:30 a.m., Education Committee, LWVDC office
Apr 8 (Wed) 11:00 a.m., I.R. Great Decisions: Turkey, LWVUS, 1730 M St., NW
Apr 14 (Tue) 10:00 a.m., Voter Service, LWVDC
Apr 17 (Fri), May Voter Mailing
Apr 21 (Tue) 5:30 p.m., LWVDC Annual Mtg, Coach & lV, Guest Speaker: Colbert King
Apr 22 (Wed) 11:00 a.m., l.R. Great Decisions: China, LWVUS
Apr 26 (Sun) 3:00 p.m., Voters and Friends Coffeehouse
Apr 27 (Mon) 11:30 a.m., Brown Bag Dialogue: News Media, LWVUS

There are no Unit Meetings in April. Instead, be sure to attend the Annual Meeting, April 21. See back page for details.

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LWVDC's Super Senior: June Duke

Super Senior Day, sponsored by lone House, is coming up in May. LWVDC has nominated June Duke for the Super Senior Award because of "her exceptional generosity in regularly volunteering her professional management and computer skills to the LWVDC. Following her retirement from the AARP in 1995, June has worked in our office two mornings a week even as she gives at least one morning a week to another public interest organization, the United Nations Association. June is multi-talented and cheerfully fulfills many responsibilities with wit and skill." She well deserves our thanks. – L.M.

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Be a Bed and Breakfast Host/ess!

Welcome and provide hospitality for League members from across the U.S.A. Call the LWVDC office for more information. 202/331-4122. – Jackie Russler, Bed & Breakfast Chair

"A Vision for 2000" – General Meeting Report

"A Vision for 2000," a General Meeting of the D.C. League sponsored by the Education Committee, took place on February 18, 1998. Three panelists spoke for ten minutes each before questions were accepted from the audience. Panelists were: Dr. Bruce MacLaury, Chair of the Emergency Transition Education Board of Trustees (ETEBT); Mr. Don Reeves, Past President of the DC Board of Education; and Ms. Delabian Rice-Thurston, Executive Director of Parents United. Questions were moderated by Betty Nyangoni, co-chair of the Education Committee.

The meeting was co-sponsored by the American Association of University Women, Centennial Branch; D.C. League of Republican Women; National Political Congress of Black Women, D.C. Chapter; Statehood Party Education Committee; Umoja Party; and Woman's National Democratic Club Education Task Force.

Dr. MacLaury pointed out that under the recent court ruling all actions of the ETEBT, which will cease to exist in the year 2000, will be ratified by the Control Board. Both bodies have reaffirmed commitment to "Children in Crisis," the document circulated by the Control Board when it created the ETEBT. Under Chief Academic Officer and Deputy Superintendent Arlene Ackerman, the Trustees will be working, with parental and teacher involvement, for change, a complex undertaking. They hope for better relations with the Board of Education.

Academic assessments will be given students this April. There will no longer be social promotions. Teacher training and development for a better qualified staff, accountability for principals, revised curricula, budgetary accountability and reduced central office staffing are all planned. One third of the schools have already been identified as needing targeted assistance to brine them up to acceptable academic standards. 16 charter schools have been or shortly will be part of the funding of DCPS. In answer to a question, Dr. MacLaury pointed out that Congress has mandated two chartering agencies for charter schools.

Mr. Reeves reminded listeners that the ETEBT was created by Congressional action in 1996. He said that teachers were the most important element for excellent schools – not management or facilities – and suggested that teacher certification is less important to good teaching than a sense of security, competitive compensation, and effective evaluations. There will be fewer buildings and more charter schools in the year 2000, he predicted. He acknowledged that national testing is still controversial. He decried that goals were being set without public input.

Ms. Rice-Thurston said that Parents United's newsletter is available upon request. When parents are well educated and supportive of education, studies show that schools work, hut in D C. so few voters are parents of public school children that there is an increased challenge for the schools. Secondly, teacher salaries are near the bottom in the region. She argued for national testing as a guide for parents. She noted that in 1985 social promotion was already officially ended in DCPS. Management will only improve with greater resources; currently school personnel are doing the best in a bad situation. She argued that charter schools are a result of the central administration's disallowing in the past site-based management. – Education Committee

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D.C. Voters and Friends Coffeehouse

D.C. voters and friends packed Brookland's Cup of Dreams on the last Sunday afternoon in February. Poetry from accomplished authors such as Bijan Bayne and high school students like Juliette Randolph was followed by the audience singing along with Perry King and Doug Calvin (guitar and harmonica). Romantic poet Trellis Jones made his DC debut. A special treat was provided by the Trinity College group, The Belles, whose a capella harmonies brought out Trinity students and their parents. Our president, Luci Murphy, sang a few freedom songs with her daughter, Topaz Terry, a third year student and music director of the Belles. Janice Bennett, the M.C., added a special touch to the proceedings, recognizing the community involvement of many of the participants.

A special thanks to Jessie Brown, Brookland's Cup owner who provided the welcoming space. The event which raised $150.00 from $1-$5 donations, was successful in raising the public profile of the League. The Trinity students invited the League to speak and offered to sponsor student members for the League at a campus meeting on March 25 which will he reported in the May Voter. Betty Nyangoni recruited help for the Civic/Voter Responsibility Essay Contest. It was so much fun that a committee was formed to present another one on Sunday, April 26. If you would like to get involved, call 202/331- 4122 and ask for Judy Butler. – Natalie Avery, Coffeehouse Coordinator

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Yes, There will be a "Picnic" on Saturday, May 2

On Saturday, May 2 at 2:00 p.m., the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (NCDA) will host a theatre party to benefit the D.C. League of Women Voters. The show, "Picnic," by William Inge, will be directed by John Montgomery, Artistic Director of NCDA, whose work has been seen in New York and throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. The action of Inge's award-winning play takes place in the joint backyards of two middle-aged, small town Kansas women, both deserted by their husbands. One has an invalid mother, and the other hag two maturing daughters and a boarder who is a spinster school teacher. Into this congested female atmosphere comes a young man of neither polish nor promise, whose animal vitality seriously upsets the entire group.

Reservations are necessary because seating is limited. Admission will be $20.00. All checks should be written to the D.C. League of Women Voters and sent to the League office. Alternatively, call Barbara Luchs at 202/331-4122, who is working with the Northwest Day and Evening Units to coordinate the event. She will place your name on a reservation list which will be checked off at the door. A wine and cheese reception to meet the cast will be held after the play. Performers will be the 1998 ART (Actor's Repertory Theatre) Company, comprised of NCDA Advanced Students, mostly from the Washington metropolitan area.

Printable form for "Picnic" and annual meeting reservations

If you wish to attend a different presentation of "Picnic" at a cost of $15.00 to benefit the D.C. League, other dates and times include: April 24, 25, 29, 30, May 1 and 2 at 8:00 pm; April 25, 26, May 2 and 3 at 2:00 pm. Call Barbara at 202/331-4122 to reserve your seats.

NCDA is located at 1556 Wisconsin Ave., NW (Wisconsin and Volta Place) in the Georgetown Lutheran Church. The entrance to the theatre is on Volta Place. NCDA will assign an usher to direct you. There is on-street parking, as available and bus service to the church at Wisconsin Ave. and Que Street. Call Metro for other transportation options.

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D.C. Voters and Friends Coffeehouse
Sunday, April 26, 3-5 p.m.
Brookland's Cup of Dreams, 12th and Otis Streets, NE

(one block from Brookland Metro Station [Red Line])

Brown Bag Dialogue: News Media
Monday, April 27, 11:30 a.m.

LWVUS office, 1730 M Street, NW, 10th Floor
Farragut North (Red) or Farragut West (Blue/Orange) Metro; limited parking

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Paul Robeson Anniversary Concert

Thursday, April 9, 1998. 8:00 p.m., Theater J, D.C. Jewish Community Center, 1529 16th Street, NW. $25.00 sliding scale.

Housing/Urban Problems Workshop

The Woman's National Democratic Club is sponsoring an April 14 workshop and luncheon on housing and urban problems. A panel discussion begins at 10:00 a.m., followed by luncheon with speaker Bruce Katz, Director of the Brookings Center on Urban and Metro Policy. The workshop is free of charge; luncheon is $16.50. Call 202/232-7363 to reserve. (The Club is near Dupont Circle.)


The D.C. League still needs a volunteer to attend Metro meetings. Please contact the office, 202/331-4122 for more information.

D.C. Council Special Committee on Police Misconduct and Personnel Management

This committee is investigating matters relating to misconduct, malfeasance' or mismanagement in the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. If you have any information that may he relevant to this investigation, please call 202/639-6758, a voice mailbox operated by the special counsel to the special committee (available 24 hours/day). Your cooperation is appreciated.

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Committee Updates

Children at Risk

We will be working with "Children's Health Care Coalition of DC" (through DC Action fur Children) to enroll D.C. children in CHIP (the new federal program for Children's Health Insurance). We will be seeking volunteers in a few months. – Joan Domike, Co-Chair

Education Committee

Since sponsoring the February general meeting (see report) the Education Committee has concentrated on the Civic/Voter Responsibility contest. We shall read those essays submitted this month. The announcement of winners will be at the annual meeting.

On February 20 and again on March 5 Councilman Kevin Chavous held hearings on the budgets for the three agencies under his oversight: libraries, recreation and parks and education, including UDC. The earlier of the two was to determine how 1997 spending was shaping up; the latter was for proposals for 1998. He agreed with Mr. Terry Hairston that there needed to be close consultation and less acrimony between the Emergency Transitional Education Board of Trustees and the elected Board of Education.

The DCPS administration held public meetings the last week of February and the first of March to explain the summer school program. As 20,000 students are expected not to pass the promotion gates, 80 school sites will be needed for the month of July and the first half of August. Classes are planned to he maintained at a ratio of 15 students to one teacher. They are scheduled for 8:30 to 12:30 each day.

We are beginning to work on a voter education project with selected middle school teachers. Anyone who is interested in helping, please come to our next meeting April 8 at 10:30 a.m. in the LWVDC Conference Room. Call Kathy Schmidt (202/331-4122) for particulars. – Kathy Schmidt, Co-Chair

Next Meeting: April 8, 10:30 a.m., LWVDC office

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International Relations

Visitor from Mongolia: As we go to press we are awaiting our two-week visit from Ms. Burmaa, Chair of Mongolia's Women for Social Progress, a League-like organization in Mongolia. In addition to a reception in her honor at the Mongolian Embassy on March 23, she will visit the Congress, meet with the LWVUS Lobby Corps, and travel with me to the U.N. where we will be escorted by the League's U.N. observer.

LWVDC may undertake a similar program, October 9-24 for two women from sub-Saharan Africa sponsored by LWVUS-Education Fund. Call me (202/331-4122) if you have an interest in providing a homestay opportunity or in serving as mentor.

Iraq and our U.N. Position: Peacekeeping – Financial support – Security Council restructuring... these generic areas of the LWVUS position on the U.N. that we have recommended for restudy at the national level during the coming biennium take on new meaning when looked at in the context of the Iraq crisis. Some important questions raised by the crisis hut unanswered by the League's present U.N. position are found here in this Voter.

Now that the prospect of immediate U.S. military action is behind us. however our I.R. Committee hopes to convince the LWVUS to use its U.N. position endorsing preventive diplomacy to welcome the Secretary-General's initiative. While the LWVUS cannot yet speak to this issue LWVDC members are free to speak out as individuals. When possible, speak out also on paying our arrears soonest so we don't lose our vote in the General Assembly. This could happen as soon as December 31 unless we pay at least $575 million of the $1.021 billion recognized by the administration as our outstanding debt to the U.N. Oh to have Members of Congress who could vote on our behalf!

Great Decisions: Our April program will focus on "Turkey – Troubled Ally" (Wednesday April 8) and on "China-U.S. Relations" (Wednesday, April 22). Visitors are most welcome. Call Jean Jones for information (202/331 4122). – Sheila Keeny, Chair

Great Decisions: Turkey, April 8
Great Decisions: China, April 22
LWVUS, 1730 M Street NW
11:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

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Voter Service Committee

The Committee met on March 10 to discuss progress of the Committee on locating meeting places and developing a schedule for the workshops and/or fora of the coming election period. It was determined that the Committee's bailiwick will be the arranging of the fora for July and September. Members will be busy in the next month seeking out locations and related details.

Next meeting: April 14, 10:30 a.m., LWVDC office

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Iraq Crisis Legacy: Questions Unanswered by Current League Positions on the U.N.

[See I.R. Committee Report]

Do we support peace enforcement in addition to traditional peacekeeping in Iraq? At what level and under what circumstances? How should the U.N. meet its bills, especially for peacekeeping/enforcement? Are there other sources of financing? Some argue that U.S. costs in voluntarily maintaining military forces in the Middle East to enforce Security Council decisions should count against U.S. arrears owed the U.N. Is there merit in this argument?

Should the Security Council be restructured to reflect the contemporary world rather than that of fifty years ago? If so, should the veto be extended beyond the present "permanent five"? What effect would this have on U.S. interests in the Gulf and world-wide?

Our delegates to Convention in June hope to persuade other Leagues of the importance of updating our U.N. positions, thereby allowing the League to take part in the larger national debate on U.S./U.N. relations.

Members have asked about the LWVUS position on the Iraq crisis. In a response issued before U.N. Secretary General Annan's mission to Baghdad, the Chair of the LWVUS Program Committee stated, "we do not have sufficient member understanding and agreement on this issue to speak out on the question of military intervention in Iraq.''-S.K.

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LWV/The National Capital Area

President: Naomi Glass, 202/331-4122. Editor: Gloria Harvey

From the President: "What do we do for an encore?" asks Katy Cannady, NCA Voter Service Chair. She points out that the League-promoted " Motor Voter" legislation has been successful in registering more voters, but there's a clear trend toward lower citizen participation in and knowledge of government affairs at all levels. Perhaps NCA's traditional voter service concentration on registration is no longer the best use of our volunteer time. Bring your ideas to an NCA League Talk-Out at the LWVUS office, from 10:00 a.m. to noon on Friday, April 17, 1998.

Planning continued this month for NCA's 1998 Annual Convention to be held Saturday morning, May 16 at the National Press Club, when Jean Packard, chair of the Interstate Committee of the Potomac River Basin, will address us. Reservations for the breakfast meeting should be made by April 15. Nominating Committee chair Carolyn Cooper has submitted the committee's slate of the officers to be elected at the convention: Pat Dougherty, Vice-President; Beryl Lednicer, Treasurer; Mary Elizabeth Gordon and Bob Perry, Directors; Katy Cannady, June Bashkin and Molly O'Brien, Nominating Committee.

We hope you will be able to attend one or more of the informational meetings provided by Elinor Hart's NCA Committee on D.C. Finances in April or May (depending on local leagues' scheduling). If your league is not able to hold such a meeting, or if you would like to attend another league's meeting in addition to or instead of your own, call the League office (202/331-4122) for meeting dates and locations.--Naomi Glass, LWVDC

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Dates to Remember

Friday, April 3, 10:00 a.m., NCA Board Meeting, LWVUS
Thursday, April 16, noon, NCA Water Task Force, LWVUS
Friday, April 17, 10:00 a.m., NCA Voter Service Talk-Out, LWVUS
Friday, May 1, 10:00 a.m., NCA Board Meeting, LWVUS
Saturday, May 16, 9:00 a.m., NCA Annual Convention, National Press Club

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NCA Water Task Force

The Water Task Force of the National Capital Area met at the LWVUS office on Thursday, February 19, 1998. A member of the Task Force, Jean Packard, will be the keynote speaker at the Annual Convention of the LWV/NCA May 16, 1998 at the National Press Club. The Task Force is directing its activities to coordinating information from organizations that are doing research in the area of water quantity/quality.

The critical year, 2025 will bring many problems in public health issues (qualify) as well as availability (quantity). Will there be water treatment plants as we know them now? There may have to he changes in health laws. The next meeting will be at the LWVUS office on Thursday, April 16 at 12 noon. This is a critical issue, so anyone with information to share should attend this meeting.

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Annual Meeting, April 21, 1998
League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia

Printable form for "Picnic" and annual meeting reservations

Nominating Committee Report

Proposed Candidates for 1998-2000


First Vice President: Betty W. Nyangoni (2-year)
Third Vice President: Barbara Yeomans (2-year)
Co-Treasurers: Naomi Glass (2-year)
Christine Matthews (2-year)

Nominating Committee (1 year terms)
Chair, Gladys Weaver
Natalie Howard
Harriette Short

Board of Directors:

Frances Garro (2-year)
Elizabeth Yancey (2-year)
Constance Tate (2-year)
Jehu Hunter (one-year unexpired term)

Submitted by the Nominating Committee
Chair, June Duke
Sheila Keeny
Johnetta Kelly
Anna Marsh
Betty Nyangoni

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First Vice President – Betty W. Nyangoni has been active with the Education Committee and proud of the work done so far by Education Committee. She looks forward to accomplishing even more. Betty has a BS degree in Education from Winston-Salem State University; an MA from Howard University and a PhD degree from American University with additional studies at Harvard, Stanford, University of Legon (Ghana) and others. She has served as a teacher supervisor and administrator in three school districts and in eight post-secondary institutions of higher education. This year she has led the effort in implementing the Civic/Voter Responsibility Contest. She is a member of the Southwest Unit.

Third Vice President – Barbara Yeomans has been a member of the League since the 1960s and has been a unit chair. She is a member of the International Relations and the D.C. Affairs Committees. She began her career in 1962 working for the federal government as a Management intern for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, which became the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration in 1975 and then the Department of Energy. Barbara worked for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the Safeguards and Waste Management Programs from 1982-1985, then rejoined the U.S. Department of Energy to work in the international program related to nuclear non-proliferation, retiring in 1995.

Barbara was an active participant with the LWVDC in gathering support for D.C. Home Rule, helped coordinate the League's drive for voting representation in Congress, and supported the League's involvement in the Coalition for Self- Determination. She has a B.A. from Connecticut College for Women and a M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Co-Treasurer – Naomi Glass has been a member of The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia since the late 1960s. She has served in numerous capacities in the D.C. League, including the presidency; she is currently its treasurer. She is also president of the National Capital Area League of Women Voters. Her educational training is in mathematics and experimental psychology. Most recently, she worked as Budget Officer for the D.C. Department of Finance and Revenue and then as Special Assistant to the Director of that agency. She left that position in 1991, when she again became active in League activities.

Co-Treasurer – Christine Matthews is the new part-time office manager for the D.C. League and is a new member as of last December. She is a librarian and does library consulting. She has done library and volunteer work with a number of organizations including Bread for the World, the Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and the Foundry UMC Peace with Justice Mission. She works with neighborhood groups, including Families United of Brookland and Brookland and Neighbors. In the 1980s, she served as Treasurer for The Shepherd's Table in Silver Spring. Raised in Michigan, she and her husband have lived in Northeast D.C for ten years.

Please note: The Nominating Committee recommended, and the Board passed on 3/4/98, this change in the Bylaws (as amended April 29, 1993):

ARTICLE V. Officers
Section 5. The Treasurer
The office of Treasurer may be shared by more than one person.

Director – Frances Garro is currently serving on the Board as Voter Service Director. She joined the LWVDC in the early 70s. She was the first Chair, with Janet Beal as Co-Chair, of the SE/Anacostia Unit. formed in the early 80s. She chaired the D.C. League Gun Control Committee, which developed the LWVDC positions adopted in 1975. Frances, along with Ann Stults and Ethel Cooper, represented the LWVDC On the NCA study committee which developed four new positions adopted by the NCA Board in 1991. Frances moved to D.C. from Boston in t945. She worked as a stenograph reporter both privately and for the Federal Government. In 1974 she became an official reporter for debates for the U.S. Senate. She retired in 1987. Frances, recently widowed, has four daughters and five grandchildren.

Director – Jehu Hunter is currently serving on the Board as First Vice President. The son of the LWVDC President, Alice C. Hunter, Jehu is a second generation League member and a native Washingtonian. He is an honors graduate of Howard University with a major in Zoology and a minor in Education. He served with distinction the 92nd Infantry "Buffalo" Division in Italy in World War II, and retired as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve. Jehu retired from NIH as Assistant Director for Program Development, Center for Research for Mothers and Children after 30 years of service. He has received numerous awards in recognition of his achievements. He has been very active in the League and is currently responsible for Action.

Director – Constance Tate is a member of the Upper 16th Street Unit. She was the Coordinator of Science, K-12 in the Baltimore City Public Schools, Office of Science Division of Instruction and Curriculum Management. She was on the Advisory Co mmittee and Consultant, Mathematics/ Science/ Minorities Program, K-6, American University Atlantic Equity Center. Constance has a BS from Miner Teachers' College, a MS Degree from the University of Connecticut, and has done Post Graduate Studies in Curriculum Development, Supervision and Administration, and Science Education: Howard University, American University. George Washington University, University of Connecticut, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Washington College, Morgan State College, University of Colorado, and the University of Wyoming.

Director – Elizabeth Yancey is a member of the Upper I6th Street Unit. She retired in 1983 as Senior Program Officer, Mid- Atlantic Canter for Race Equality at American University. Prior to that, she was Vice Superintendent of D.C. Public Schools. She has also served as an administrator, counselor, and teacher in the D.C. school system. She is currently an educational consultant and a member of the Board of the Reginald S. Lourie Center. She has a BS degree red from Boston University Sargent College and a MA dear" from Columbia University Teachers college.

Nominating Committee Chair – Gladys Weaver began her teaching career more than forty years ago as a teacher of grades one and two in a rural elementary school in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. She retired as a professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of the District of Columbia. Her terminal degree is in human development education. Early in her retirement Gladys joined the League, became active m the Southwest Unit, and serves on the Education Committee.

Nominating Committee Member – Natalie Howard is a native Washingtonian. She is a former teacher in D.C. public schools, married with two adult sons. She joined the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia in 1964 and has served as chairman of the Upper 16th Unit. She has been a member of the Membership Committee. Natalie has been or' the Board of LWVDC where she chaired Arrangements, Education and Membership. She was the chair of the committee working on the Bottle Bill and the Comprehensive PLAN. She was Lobby Corps Member for LWVUS. At present she is a member of D.C. League Observer Corps.

Nominating Committee Member – Harriette B. Short is a native of the District of Columbia and a retired educator. She attended public schools in the District and Howard University. She has graduate degrees from the Catholic University of America, Department of Agriculture Graduate School, and New York University. She was a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and Delta Pi Epsilon at New York University. She served on the New Hampshire Ave. Northwest Civic Association and the Commissioner's Youth Council Area H Board. Harriette was membership chair of the Upper 16th Unit.

The Proposed Budget for FY 1998 follows. Please take time to review it before the Annual Meeting.

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Proposed Budget for April 1, 1998 – March 31, 1998

INCOME Budget 97/98 11 month total Budget 98/99
100 Dues 11500 10060 11000
200 Contributions 4500 2503 3000
201 Finance Drive -Members 1125 0 1500
202 Finance Drive - Non-members 325 0 500
203 Other - Members 1700 1295 500
204 Other - Non-members 1350 1208 500
300 Development 10400 4290 9000
301 Benefits 4200 946 2500
303 Bed & Breakfast 600 700 800
304 Private Elections 5000 2644 5000
306 Other 300 0 700
400 Meetings 1800 3043 3600
401 LWVUS Convention 0
403 Annual Meeting 1800 1718 1800
404 Fall Luncheon 1325 1800
500 Publications 50 20 2200
501 Wine Guide 2000
502 Other 200
600 Committee Projects 100 0 100
700 From Ed. Fund 10405 962 11355
701 Shared Office Expenses (35%) 8480 340 8680
702 Finance Drive (50%) 175 242 175
703 VOTER (50%) 1750 380 2500
800 Investment Interest 3250 2941 3500
900 Miscellaneous 200 0 190
TOTALS 41905 23819 43945

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EXPENSES Budget 97/98 11 month total Budget 98/99
1000 DCVoter 3500 4744 5000
1100 Shared Office Expenses 24230 13476 24800
1101 Equipment Maintenance 150 163 200
1102 Telephone 800 806 800
1103 Insurance 580 588 600
1104 Rent 8000 7337 8000
1105 Staff 11500 2340 11500
1106 Fees and Permits 300 290 300
1107 Supplies/Copying 1100 1058 1100
1108 Postage 1800 894 1400
1109 Janitorial Service 900
1200 Other Office Expenses 1350 0 1350
1201 Audit 1000 0 1000
1202 Equipment Rental (fr. Ed Fund) 150 0 150
1203 Capital Equipment 200 0 200
1300 Board/Admin. Committees 350 291 850
1301 President 150 129 150
1302 Board/Units/PR 100 72 100
1303 Membership 100 90 100
1304 Annual Report 500
1400 Fund Raising 1250 923 1250
1401 Finance Drive 350 613 350
1402 Benefits 300 0 300
1404 Private Elections 400 220 400
1405 Bed & Breakfast 150 90 150
1407 Other 50 0 50
1500 League Meetings 5640 3891 5520
1501 LWVUS Convention/Council 1800 450 1800
1502 NCA Convention 240 75 120
1503 LWVDC Annual Meeting 1800 1727 1800
1505 Fall Luncheon 1800 1639 1800
1600 Financial Support for LWV 5185 2865 4275
1601 LWVUS Per-Member Payment 4975 2722 4125
1602 NCA Dues 210 143 150
1700 Program 350 101 800
1800 Contingency 50 20 100
Totals 41905 26311 43945

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These are the new members since the February Voter: loan Corboy, Natalia Pane, Florence Pendleton, Anne Porowski,
Gabriela Schwarz, John Zalusky, Welcome!!

Flossie A. Lee

Flossie A. Lee, retired government worker, neighborhood activist, and active member of the D.C. League of Women Voters, died of pneumonia on March 6 at Providence Hospital.

After attending Vorhees Junior College in her native South Carolina, Flossie moved to the Washington area during World War 11. She held several government posts until her retirement in 1982.

Among Flossie's many community activities: she helped found Capitol Hill's Eleventh Street Block Club; she was an officer of the D.C. Congress of Parents and Teachers she served on the D.C. Democratic State Committee; she was a chapter chair for the American Association of Retired Persons. She was also active in the Shiloh Baptist Church as deaconness, Sunday school teacher, and mission leader.

Flossie also served on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for nine years, serving as chair of Ward 6B's commission for two terms. For several years in the 1990s, she was a chair of the Eastern Market Preservation and Development Corporation. She had been serving on the D.C. Commission on Aging at the time of her death.

Flossie's League involvement included active participation in the Capitol Hill Unit (now defunct).. The League, as well as the host of above-mentioned groups, benefited from her willingness to put up with the "whirlwind" schedule that sometimes resulted from her many activities. We also benefited from her cheerful spirit and deep commitment to the community. She will be sorely missed.

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Annual Meeting
Tuesday, April 21, 1998
Washington Post Columnist Colbert King, Guest Speaker

Coach and IV Restaurant, Reeves Center
5:30 p.m. Tickets $25.00
U Street Metro (Green line); parking available

Printable form for "Picnic" and annual meeting reservations

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