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The DC Voter
League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia
Vol. 81, No. 4, April 2005

Making Our Voices Heard — Making Our Votes Count

733 15th Street, N.W., Suite 432, Washington, DC 20005
202/347-3020,  fax: 202/347-2522
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Help the League Register High School Seniors
President’s Message by Frances Gemmill
To Vote  or Not to Vote?
Good News Department: Kathy Schmidt Honored
Praise for DC Publication
We Gratefully Acknowledge
LWV National Capital Area
LWVUS Memo to Members of the US Congress
Vincent Schiraldi to Lead Youth Rehabilitation Services
Unit News
District of Columbia News: Testimony Presented to the Committee on Finance and Revenue
Calendar: April 2005
Celebrating 85 Years of Active Participation in Government
11th Month Treasurer's Report
Proposed 2005-2006 Budget
Nominating Committee Report
Biographies of Nominees
85th Annual Meeting Reservation Form


April is Voter Registration Month for DC High Schools. Please plan to spend an hour or two registering seniors at a high school and come to
our coordinating meeting on April 2 at Shiloh Baptist Church at 9th and P. If riding the METRO, take the Green line to the Cardozo/Howard stop and exit at 8th and R. We're meeting at 9:30 in Room 216 in the Family Center, 1510 9th Street. We'll have assignments, registration forms, election brochures and refreshments. To learn more, contact Jamie Rose at 544-7678 or Elinor Hart at 387-2966.

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PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE by Frances Gemmill

Our 85th Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 28th will provide an appropriate occasion for the DC League to join LWVUS in celebrating our 85th birthday. I hope you can come. The LWVUS has prepared a possible press release outlining League achievements over the decades, and I've added some that are unique to D.C., which has enjoyed many benefits deriving from our D.C. neighbor on M Street. For example, we enjoy the privilege of holding Board meetings in their offices (except when the National Board is in town), and we can reach LWVUS via a local phone call; and we are close enough to confer with LWVUS staff when we need to. See the Milestones Each Decade In the League for some League contributions to democracy since 1920.

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Milestones Each Decade in the League

1920s Helped secure passage of the first federal maternal and infant health care program. 1930s Helped shape the Social Security Act; worked for Child Labor Laws and environmental protections. 1940s DC League: a) developed the model for absentee voting in response to the many soldiers and defense workers 
(The old Evening Star supported this effort by providing space, and DC Leaguer Rosalie Goodman led this effort); 
b) held the first public integrated event in The Mayflower Hotel.
1950s Sponsored the "Freedom Agenda", a nationwide program of close to 1,000 education forums on civil liberties. President Eisenhower delivered major foreign policy address to the League. 1960s Worked against discrimination. Pres. Johnson proclaimed League of Women Voters Week and supported presidential suffrage for D.C. 1970s Sponsored televised presidential debates, initiated major grassroots campaign for the Equal Rights Amendment, built public support for the Clean Water Act.
1980s Played critical role in the push for fairer tax policies; sponsored series of nationwide hearings on Clean Air Act. 1990s Led successful fight for passage and implementation of Motor Voter Law. 2000s Offered first "candidate debates" online through an Internet-based voter education program; advocated for campaign finance and health care reforms. Let's celebrate our 85th on the 28th of April.

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85th Annual Dinner Meeting
Thursday, April 28, 2005
4:45 pm-8:00 pm

Phillips Seafood Restaurant
Full Buffet $35/person

Guest Speaker
Vincent Schiraldi
Director, Youth Rehabilitation Services
(See reservation form)

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On March 9, three D.C. League members, Jamie Rose, Kathy Schmidt, and Frances Gemmill, joined a representative of the Montgomery League at Howard University's Blackburn Center to participate in an event featuring a political literacy forum "To Vote or Not to Vote? That is the question!" followed by an expo in which several organizations (including the DC League of Women Voters) displayed registration forms and provided advice as to how and where to vote.

The event, co-sponsored by The Washington Post and Howard University, began with a panel discussion among: Kevin Merida, Associate Editor of The Washington Post, Michael Fletcher, White House Correspondent, Adrian Fenty of the DC Council, Page Gardner, CoProject Director, Women's Voices, Women's Vote, Adam Hunter, Chair of HU College Republicans, Brent MacMillan, Political Director, Green Party, Brandon Neal, National Youth and College Director, NAACP, Irene Schwoeffermann, Director, Student of Color Campus Diversity Project.

Some highlights of the panel discussion, which was followed by questions, were (a) the report from Women's Voices of the findings of a study as to why single women don't vote that most single women are single parents, and many must work two jobs to support their children. (The conclusion, we need to make it easier for them to vote.) (b) Another finding of interest (especially to a League person) was the report from Brandon Neal, NAACP that simply voting isn't enough-people need civic education to follow up on the performance of the candidates they voted for.

Following is an Executive Summary of a research finding by the Washington Post Team, presented by Mark King of the Washington Post Team of the HU School of Communications:

Executive Summary

In previous presidential elections, the 18-25 year-old demographic demonstrated a serious lack of political participation. In the November 2000 presidential election, only 15% of 18-25 year olds voted. The Washington Post, as part of its ongoing partnership with Howard University, retained the Capstone Communications (CapComm) firm to research political participation among Howard University students and propose a forum to discuss the findings and encourage other students to get involved in the political process.

The goal of the study was to determine why Howard University students did or did not vote. The study used a 17-question intercept survey to assess statistically reliable and valid information on the voting habits of Howard University students 18-25 years old. The survey was formulated by CapComm and The Washington Post, and was composed of pertinent questions that would convey the voting behavior of the targeted demographic. The survey was administered on Wednesday, November 3, 2004 on the campus of Howard University.

The survey was completed by 400 students, about 4% of the total student population, with a margin of error of +/- 3%. The participants were from all over the United States, with the majority hailing from the eastern and southern regions. The vast majority of the students stated that they identified with the Democratic Party.

The survey results were analyzed using the Statistical Package of Social Sciences (SPSS). The CapComm/Washington Post team ran frequencies on each of the questionnaire answers and ran statistics to reveal the central tendencies for certain questions. More of the key findings were

  • 3/4 of those surveyed voted in the 2004 presidential election.
  • Almost half cast their ballot by absentee vote. 
  • A little over half of those surveyed were not influenced by high profile voter campaigns.
  • The majority of the students surveyed who did not vote, cited registration problems as the #1 reason they weren't registered.
  • The majority of the students surveyed were members of a campus organization.
  • Over 25% attended a voter registration drive held by a campus organization. — Frances Gemmill

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The DC League of Women Voters nominated Kathy Schmidt to be honored for her volunteer services to the community and the DC League. On Thursday, March 31St lona's 22"d Annual Super Senior Award Ceremony will be held at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament. Kathy will receive a certificate along with the following praise:

"The League of Women Voters of DC is honored to nominate Kathryn (Kathy) Schmidt for a 2005 lona Super Senior Award.

Ms. Schmidt dedicated the past fourteen years to educating the public about the lack of Congressional voting rights for District of Columbia citizens. In her crusade to inform the public, she spoke to over 100 ANCs, civic and citizens' associations. She convened seminars and arranged panel discussions to further public awareness of the issues.

In addition to her volunteer efforts with voting rights, Ms. Schmidt has been an active member of the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia, serving as an officer, board member and committee chair. Ms. Schmidt and her husband retired to Washington for the museums, music events, public affairs seminars, and civic opportunities. They believe it is the best move they ever made, and the League is ever so much richer for their presence." — Kathryn Ray

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Know the District of Columbia earns praise. Cheryl Tennille visited the office last week to seek our permission to quote from the 2004 KDC in an article she wrote to be published in April by SAGE publications, a national academic publisher. She was highly complimentary as to the quality of KDC, which she says was given to her by her new ANC Commissioner (in Cleveland Park), and she especially praised the DC Government organizational chart, a cut & paste job by Sheila Willet. We'll run to our Cleveland Park Library to look for this article. — Frances Gemmill

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We gratefully thank the following members for their recent financial contributions to support the DC League: Dorothy Armstrong, June Bashkin, Virginia Gorman, Audrey Hatry, Cecilie Jones, Barbara Luchs, Betty Nyangoni, Cereta Perry, Kathryn Ray, Marilou Righini, Lillian Rubin, Joann Scott, Elaine Simons, Nancy Sloss, Anne Marie Smoke.

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NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT: Annual Convention May 14, 2005

On May 14, 2005 League delegates to the NCA Annual Convention will vote-in new NCA officers from the slate prepared by the Nominating Committee. The 2005-2007 Slate consists of: 

President - Melpi Jeffries (LWVMC) 
Secretary - Eileen Williams (LWVAR) 
Directors - Naomi Glass (LWVDC) and Joan Trafton (LWVMC) 
Nominating Committee Chairperson - Virginia B. (Ginny) Moore (LWVPGC)
Nominating Committee Members - Pat Plunkett (LWVMC) and Edie Smolinski (LWVFC).

Information about the Convention will be provided in the May DC Voter.

See the insert for 2005-2007 Proposed Slate of Officers from the LWVDC Nominating Committee.

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On February 17, 2005, Kay J. Maxwell, President, LWVUS sent the following memo to members of Congress concerning Social Security:

"The League of Women Voters is deeply concerned over proposals to privatize the Social Security system. We believe that any Congressional debate must address the broad social needs the system now meets, the long-term future of the system and the financial risks that privatization could place on individuals and on government.

In the 1930s, the League of Women Voters supported passage of the Social Security Act. Fifty years later, in a study of the fiscal policy of the United States, League members determined that the federal government has a role in funding and providing for old-age, survivors, disability and health insurance. For such insurance programs, participation should be mandatory and coverage should be universal.

Social Security is one of the most successful social welfare programs of the 20th century - one that has contributed to unprecedented economic growth and the stability of the U.S. economy. It has been the primary safety net for older workers and their spouses. Before Social Security, one in three senior citizens lived in poverty. Today that number is one in ten. In addition, disability and survivors' benefits under Social Security have provided for millions of American families. We must recognize that Social Security is not merely a retirement program - it is a social insurance program with broad effect.

Concerns have been raised that Social Security is in crisis and that Congress needs to act now. The League of Women Voters believes that both the perceived crisis and the proposed solutions need to be thoroughly examined and debated. We believe there is sufficient time to do so. The long-term challenges do not manifest themselves until the year 2042. Even then, Social Security has 70 percent of needed funds. Diverting money from the Social Security trust Fund into private accounts could hasten the insolvency of the fund. The results could include a substantial increase in the deficit and significant cuts in some or all of Social Security's retirement, disability, and survivors benefits.

If Congress determines that changes in Social Security are needed, there are reasonable, moderate adjustments that can achieve solvency and fiscal soundness. But it is key that we have a full, national debate before making major changes in the system that has served so many Americans so well.".

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Guest Speaker at League's Annual Meeting

Vincent Schiraldi, a respected advocate for national juvenile justice reform has accepted the Mayor's nomination to lead Youth Rehabilitation Services. Activists and officials lined up to support his nomination, which will go before the DC Council in April. Schiraldi has also accepted the DC League's invitation to speak at our Annual Meeting Dinner on April 28.

Meanwhile, Schiraldi has joined Deputy Mayor Neil Albert to bring community activist Amoretta Morris Executive Director of Justice4DC Youth into the government fold. Morris, a community organizer since she was 16, will use her relationships with community-based groups in her work as the youth policy expert in Albert's office on Children, Youth, family, and elders. If you came to our January 24 Brown Bag Dialogue, you learned about some of the problems in our juvenile justice system. — Frances Gemmill

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Units will not meet in April. All members are encouraged to attend the Annual Business Meeting and Dinner Thursday evening, April 28.

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The DC Council Committee on Finance and Revenue (Jack Evans, Chair) held a public hearing on March 14, 2005 on Bill 16-35, To amend sections 47-1801.04(26) and 471806.02(i) of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OFFICIAL CODE to couple the District of Columbia standard deduction and deductions for personal exemptions to that permitted by the Internal Revenue Code. The following is the Testimony of the DC League presented by Frances Gemmill, President (condensed):

"We thank you for the opportunity to support the proposed legislation B-16-35, under consideration today. For many years the League has supported and reaffirmed its support for tax policies which reflect the ability to pay by low and moderate-income citizens. This bill, in coupling the standard deduction and personal exemption to that of the Internal Revenue Service, assures that the annual adjustments for inflation will provide tax relief comparable to that now provided for Federal taxpayers.

"Thanks to your attention to the present situation, we have learned that the DC standard deduction and personal exemption have not been adjusted for years. The federal personal exemption is now $3,100, compared to DC's $1,370. The federal standard deduction is $9,700 for couples, $7,150 for single heads of households, and $4,850 for individuals. Bill 1635 would exempt a much larger share of income from taxation for D.C. low-income workers. Under current law, a parent with two children starts paying income tax on income above $7,480. Under Bill 16-35, this exemption would be raised to $19,550.

"In addition, Bill 16-35 would help families with children get fuller benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit.

"...In a Summary report to the Mayor and Council of the District of Columbia published in June 1998, entitled "Taxing Simply -Taxing Fairly" the D.C. Tax Revision Commission made several recommendations, including:

  • Simplicity and fairness for business
  • Simplicity and fairness to individuals.

Further, the Commission made recommendations to the Federal government to help the District stabilize its revenues, for example,

  • Allow the District to tax income at its source
  • Make a payment in lieu of taxes for federally owned property
  • Adopt a formula Federal Payment

In coming discussions of the proposed budget, you will surely hear from the D.C. League recommendations for increased spending for human services; for example, child care support for working parents, support for housing, and other human needs must be considered along with decisions about how much we should spend on tax revision.".

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Questions concerning League membership can be directed to the League office at 347-3020.

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          1 10:00 am NCA Board Mtg 2 9:30 am Training to register H.S. seniors
3 4 5 6 10:00 am LWVDC Board Mtg 7 8 9
10 11 12 9:45-11:00 am Voter registration at naturalization ceremony for new US citizens
May DC Voter deadline
13 14 15 16
17 18 19 20 21 22 May DC Voter mailed 23
24 25 26 27 28 5:00-8:00 pm 85th annual business/dinner meeting (registration 4:45 pm) 29 30

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"Celebrating 85 Years of Active Participation in Government''

President's Message, March 25, 2005 

Dear League Members,

The League celebrates its 85th Anniversary with joy. Here in D.C, we have modeled good citizenship in our Election 2004 activities and gave our voice to the issues of congressional representation, affordable housing, environment, children at risk, juvenile justice, healthcare.

We continue our ongoing commitment to civic education as we register high school seniors to vote and assist in school elections.

We have joined coalitions that have strengthened our understanding of and advocacy for issues we care about, and educated our members and the public.

I invite you to attend our 85th Annual Meeting Dinner to celebrate our accomplishments. Please use the reservation form.

Frances Gemmill 

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11th Month Treasurer's Report

This Month
Year to Date
100 Dues (inc. rebate from Nat'l) 10,000   675   7,260  
200 Contributions 5,800   580   3,186  
201 Finance Drive - members   3,000   500   2,120
202 Finance Drive - nonmembers   500   0   30
203 Other - members   2,000   80   1,021
204 Other - nonmembers   300   0   15
300 Development 25,624   0   12,420  
301 Benefits/Reserves   8,524   0   131
302 Private Elections   6,000   0   10,094
303 Bed & Breakfast   600   0   500
304 Bequests   5,000   0   0
308 Other (mostly pins)   5,500   0   1,695
400 Meetings 3,900   0   4,600  
403 Annual Meeting   2,100   0   1,860
404 Fall Luncheon   1,800   0   2,740
500 Publications 0   0   0  
700 From Ed. Fund 17,971   0   8,096  
701 Office Expenses (35%)   16,746   0   7,863
702 Finance Drive (50%)   50   0   0
703 VOTER (50%)   1,175   0   233
800 Invest. Income Reptd. 500   115   1,064  
801 Income Reported       115   1,064
802 From Reserves       0   0
900 Miscellaneous Receipts 200   0   0  


63,995   1,370   36,626  


This Month
Year to Date
1000 DC VOTER 2,350   153   1,472  
1001 Printing   950   153   1,022
1002 Masthead/Back Page   550   0   0
1003 Postage   700   0   300
1004 One-Time Postage Fee(s)   150   0   150
1100 Shared Office Expenses 47,845   3,089   45,310  
1101 Equipment Maintenance   800   0   466
1102 Telephone/Communication Serv.   2,000   172   2,182
1103 Insurance   1,000   20   955
1104 Rent   12,845   1,101   12,046
1105 Staff Wages/Taxes (SS, unemp)   28,000   1,532   27,300
1106 Char. Fee & property tax   200   0   0
1107 Supplies/Copying/Stationery   2,000   218   1,975
1108 Postage   1,000   46   386
1200 Other Office Expenses 1,500   275   790  
1201 Financial Services   1,200   275   790
1202 Capital Equipment   300   0   0
1300 Board Admin. Committees 1,150   0   762  
1301 President   100   0   25
1302 Admin Services   100   0   0
1303 Membership/Handbook   700   0   502
1304 Organization Dues   250   0   235
1400 Fund Raising 1,300   0   863  
1401 Finance Drive   100   0   148
1402 Benefits   100   0   0
1404 Private Elections   700   0   305
1405 Bed & Breakfast   200   0   279
1407 Other (mostly pins)   200   0   131
1500 League Meetings 5,675   0   6,270  
1501 LWVUS Convention/Council   1,600   0   1,669
1502 NCA Convention   175   0   200
1503 LWVDC Annual Meeting   2,100   0   2,327
1505 Fall Luncheon   1,800   0   2,074
1600 Financial Support for LWV 3,375   0   2,238  
1601 LWVUS Member Payment   3,200   0   2,238
1602 NCA Dues   175   0   0
1700 Committee Expenses 700   300   332  
1701 Printing/Copying inserts to VOTER   500   300   332
1702 Other   200   0   0
1800 Contingency 100   0   0  
Expenses Total 63,995   3,817   58,037  

Assets as of February 28, 2005

     Checking 6,780  
     Money Market 0  
Morgan Stanley    
     Money Market 9,895  
     Mutual Fund 56,158  
TOTAL   72,833
Expenses 58,037  
Income 36,626  
BALANCE   (21,411)

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Proposed 2005-2006 Budget

Proposed Budget
100 Dues (inc. rebate from Nat'l) 10,000   9,000  
200 Contributions 5,800   4,800  
201 Finance Drive - members   3,000   2,500
202 Finance Drive - nonmembers   500   200
203 Other - members   2,000   2,000
204 Other - nonmembers   300   100
300 Development 25,624   12,600  
301 Benefits/Reserves   8,524   0
302 Private Elections   6,000   6,000
303 Bed & Breakfast   600   600
304 Bequests   5,000   5,000
308 Other (mostly pins)   5,500   1,000
400 Meetings 3,900   4,100  
403 Annual Meeting   2,100   2,100
404 Fall Luncheon   1,800   2,000
500 Publications 0   0  
700 From Ed. Fund 17,971   18,930  
701 Office Expenses (35%)   16,746   17,675
702 Finance Drive (50%)   50   75
703 VOTER (50%)   1,175   1,180
800 Invest. Income Reptd. 500   1,500  
801 Income Reported       1,500
900 Miscellaneous Receipts 200   200  


63,995   51,130  
FROM RESERVES     13,230  




1000 DC VOTER 2,350   2,360  
1001 Printing   950   1,000
1002 Masthead/Back Page   550   550
1003 Postage   700   660
1004 One-Time Postage Fee(s)   150   150
1100 Shared Office Expenses 47,845   48,850  
1101 Equipment Maintenance   800   500
1102 Telephone/Communication Serv.   2,000   2,000
1103 Insurance   1,000   1,850
1104 Rent   12,845   13,500
1105 Staff Wages/Taxes (SS, unemp)   28,000   28,000
1106 Char. Fee & property tax   200   200
1107 Supplies/Copying/Stationery   2,000   2,000
1108 Postage   1,000   800
1200 Other Office Expenses 1,500   1,650  
1201 Financial Services   1,200   1,300
1202 Capital Equipment   300   350
1300 Board Admin. Committees 1,150   1,150  
1301 President   100   100
1302 Admin Services   100   100
1303 Membership/Handbook   700   700
1304 Organization Dues   250   250
1400 Fund Raising 1,300   1,250  
1401 Finance Drive   100   150
1402 Benefits   100   100
1404 Private Elections   700   700
1405 Bed & Breakfast   200   200
1407 Other (mostly pins)   200   100
1500 League Meetings 5,675   5,900  
1501 LWVUS Convention/Council   1,600   1,600
1502 NCA Convention   175   200
1503 LWVDC Annual Meeting   2,100   2,100
1505 Fall Luncheon   1,800   2,000
1600 Financial Support for LWV 3,375   2,400  
1601 LWVUS Member Payment   3,200   2,225
1602 NCA Dues   175   175
1700 Committee Expenses 700   700  
1701 Printing/Copying inserts to VOTER   500   500
1702 Other   200   200
1800 Contingency 100   100  
Expenses Total 63,995   64,360  

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Nominating Committee Report

DATE:   March 25, 2005 


FROM:   Nominating Committee: 

Anna Marsh, Chair 
Madlyn Calbert 
Natalie Howard 
Judith A. Smith 
Joan R. Wilson

SUBJECT: 2005-2006 Nomination Slate

The slate of nominations for officers, board members, and nominating committee members, with accompanying biographic information, is provided below for your approval at the 85th Annual business meeting to be held on Thursday evening, April 28, 2005 at Phillips Seafood Restaurant, Washington, DC.

OFFICERS 2005-2007

President - Grace Malakoff
1st Vice President   vacant
2nd Vice President - Joan Wilson
Treasurer - vacant

DIRECTORS 2005-2007

Barbara Luchs 
John T. Mathison 
Jamie Rose


Judith A. Smith, Chair
Elizabeth Martin 
Kathryn Schmidt

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Officers 2005-2007


Grace joined the League in Little Rock AR in 1958. She was LWVDC President 1988 - 1991 and serves both the National Capital Area League and on the DC Board (1960) dealing with transportation, with prior work on committees on housing and planning, education and environment. She attended North Dakota State University in Fargo and received an M.A. "three-year" in political science from the University of Chicago, with later courses in computer programming and systems. She has worked as a university instructor in state and local government and, in Washington, in social science survey research. She was also a columnist for the American Association of University Women.

She has been a member of the board of the DC Public Library, and now serves as a board member of the Cacapon Institute, a river protection group, and as a DC representative to the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board. A resident of the Adams Morgan community since 1960, Grace has been president of the PTA, active in home rule pursuits, chairperson and treasurer of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1 C during the Reed-Cooke rezoning, and on the planning and zoning committee of the Kalorama Citizens Association. She and her husband, Robert, have three adult children and four grandchildren.

Vacant - 1st Vice President

JOAN R. WILSON - 2nd Vice President for Local Programs

Joan R. Wilson moved to D.C. and transferred her League membership to LWVDC from the Montgomery County League in the year 2000. She is currently chair of the Chevy Chase-Ingleside Unit, as well as an active member of the Children-At-Risk Task Force, and she has organized tours for League members to observe various neighborhoods in our city. Her extensive experience working with children includes serving as Chair of the Montgomery County Council of Cooperative Nursery Schools, co-authoring a manual on how to create a cooperative pre-school, and founding and directing a summer day camp for 150 US children in Manila, RP. She was Director of the wives' program of the Foreign Service Institute. Her employment history includes four years at the USIA as an Information Officer, and eight years at the State Department. She has served as a home care volunteer for the Montgomery Hospice for 20 years. She is married to a retired Foreign Service officer whose assignments took the family (five children who have since produced sixteen of their own) to Paris, Madrid, Bangkok and Manila.

Vacant - Secretary

Nominations from the floor for this position will be accepted at the annual business meeting. 

Board of Directors 2005-2007

BARBARA LUCHS - DC Voter Mailing

Barbara Luchs has served as an elected Director for the past two years. She has served on the D.C. Transportation, Recreation, Government Representation, and Public Affairs Committees. She currently serves on the Education Committee and organizes the monthly mailing of the DC Voter. She worked on the Widening Horizons Career Orientation Project for D.C. Public Junior High Schools and the Neighborhood Planning Council for Children and Youth for over 30 years. She served on the Mayor's Committee for Food, Nutrition and Youth, the Mayor's Recreation Advisory Committee, the Interagency Staff Committee for Children and Youth, her Neighborhood Planning Council, Citizens Association, and was an ANC Commissioner. She currently works for the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and National Public Radio Station WAMU-FM, and as a Ballot Clerk for the DC Board of Elections and Ethics.


John T. Mathison received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin. After five years as a Sales Engineer with the United States Gypsum Company he entered Union Theological Seminary where he received a Master of Divinity Degree. He served churches in Topeka, Kansas, Evanston, Illinois and Maryville, Tennessee.

During WWII he was a navigator on a B-24 and was shot down over Bertchesgaden, Germany and interned as a Prisoner Of War at Stalag Luft I in Barth, Germany on the Baltic Coast, and was liberated by the Russians. He married Elaine Sauerwein in 1954 and they had three children, Sarah Jane, Paul James and Thomas Walter. John and Elaine retired to Kennebunkport, Maine and after 14 years Elaine died. Later, John moved to Ingleside at Rock Creek in NW Washington.

John served as an appointed LWVDC Board Member this past year. He also is a member of the Board of the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Metropolitan DC, Council of Churches of Greater DC, and a Parish Associate at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. He is the immediate past president of the Ingleside Residents Association.

JAMIE ROSE - Voter Service Outreach to Students

I am originally from Kent, Ohio and was a League member there since I was 18-years-old. My stepmother, Jane, registered me to vote on my 18th birthday and also bought me a League membership on the same day. I attended American University for undergraduate and Syracuse University for a graduate degree in photojournalism. I returned to Washington a year and a half ago to begin my own business as a freelance photographer. After the exceptionally low turnout of youth voters this past Presidential election, I decided I wanted to make Youth Voting Issues my number ambition politically for 2005. Therefore, I transferred my League membership to the DC chapter, started attending Unit and Board meeting and finally started the campaign to register high school voters with Elinor and Judy. Now, I am excited to have the opportunity to voice my opinion on the Board and hope I can help give back to the League. Thank you very much.

Nominating Committee 2004-2005


Judith A. Smith joined LWVDC in 2000 and has been co-chair of the Voters Services committee for the last two years, as well as an elected board member. She also does volunteer work with a Liberian refugee family and her church. She has taught English in high schools and universities in Washington DC (8 years), Pakistan, Liberia, Botswana, Sudan, Guinea, and Senegal. As wife of the Ambassador to Guinea, Dane F. Smith, she started a literacy/employment project for street kids, and in Senegal founded a shelter for homeless and abused girls. Both projects are still functioning. While teaching at Coolidge and McKinley High Schools, she started, found funding for, and directed a paid peer-tutoring program. She has three children and seven grandchildren.


Natalie is a native Washingtonian and former teacher in the DC Public Schools. A member of LWVDC since 1964, she attends the Upper 16th Street Unit. As a former member of the Board, she has served as chairs for the following committees: Arrangements, Education, Health, and Membership. Natalie also served as Chair of the Bottle Bill Committee and Comprehensive Plan Committee as well as the Nominating Committee. She is a former member of the LWVUS Lobby Corps and served on the Local Planning Committee for the 2000 LWVUS Convention. She is a widow with two adult sons.


Kathy Schmidt has been a member of the DC League and an active member of the Upper 16th Street unit since 1991. She served for four years as secretary of the LWVDC Board. She was part of the education committee for six years, for four of which she served as chair. Kathy is a graduate of DePauw University. Her MLS degree is from Southern Connecticut State College. She also holds a 6th year certificate in education from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. She is currently appointed to the DC Board where she holds the portfolio on Congressional Representation in Congress. She also is the League's liaison to DC Vote.

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Reservation form and biography of keynote speaker, Vincent Schiraldi, Director, Youth Rehabilitation Services

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