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League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia
Member Handbook and Directory
Program Calendar 2003-2004




The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.


The goal of the League of Women Voters is to empower citizens to shape better communities worldwide. Democracy is a promise, not a guarantee. It is a promise that each of us, as citizens, makes to one another.

"Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport"

The League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia is determined to engage in this struggle to strengthen the democratic process in our city.


During the election year 2004, the DC League will work to register citizens, inform them about issues and candidates, and monitor elections.


  • Congressional Representation for DC
  • Affordable Housing*
  • Education
  • Election Administration (HAVA)
  • Homeland Security*
  • Transportation*
  • Presidential Selection**

* Local and NCA current program.
** Local and LWVUS current program.

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LWVDC Officers*

President, Frances C. Gemmill (4/05), 3610 Albemarle Street NW 20008, 362-6784,
1st Vice President, Administration, Naomi Glass (4/04), 5533 33rd Street NW 20015, 686-0124,
2nd Vice President, Local Program, Madlyn Calbert (4/05), 1261 Kearney Street NE 20017, 832-7630,
3rd Vice President, National Program, Sheila Keeny (4/04), 3600 Albemarle Street NW 20008, 966-1692, fax 966-1692 call first,
Secretary, Kenneth Nesper (4/05), 1218 Kearney Street NE 20017, 269-3890,
Treasurer, Barbara T. Yeomans (4/04), 3909 48th Street NW 20016, 363-8940, fax 363-3523 call first,

Board of Directors*

Joan Domike (4/05), 4200 Mass. Ave. NW #304 20016, 966-3865,
Barbara Luchs (4/05), 3633 Appleton St. NW 20008, 363-0853, fax: 363-1366
Grace Malakoff (4/05), 2359 Ashmead Place NW 20009, 387-7540,
Elizabeth M. Martin (4/04), 3601 Connecticut Ave. NW #518 20008, 537-3043,
Elaine Melmed (4/04), 234 Mass. Ave. NW #113 20005, 363-8764, work: 393-4919, fax: 393-3914,
Kathryn Schmidt (4/05), 3601 Connecticut Ave., NW #418 20008, 237-5550,
Judith A. Smith (4/04), 7628 17th Street, NW 20012, 882-3021,
Linda Softli (4/04), 1930 Columbia Rd. NW, # 302 20009, 667-8210, work 275-9034, fax: 232-7201, 
Constance Tate (4/04), 609 Delafield Place, NW 20011, 882-0387
Gladys Weaver (4/04), 1362 Fourth St., SW 20024, 554-3055
Joan R. Wilson (4/04), 3050 Military Rd., NW # 438 20015, 237-6264,
Elizabeth Yancey (4/04), 1762 Redwood Terrace NW 20012, 726-1929,

Nominating Committee*

Christine Matthews (4/05), Chair, 1218 Kearney St. NE 20017, 269-3890,
Mary Rodgers (4/05), 4301 31st St. NW 20008, 244-1933
Joan Domike (4/05), 4200 Mass. Ave. NW #304 20016, 966-3865

*Term ends date in parenthesis.

Units & Unit Officers 2003-2004

Units meet normally the 3rd week of each month on the day indicated below. Check your current DC VOTER for the date and any changes in time or location. All units welcome members and guests either as an occasional visitor or a regular attendant.


Joan Domike, 4200 Massachusetts Ave., #304, NW 20016, 966-3865,


Meets on Thursday at 9:45 a.m. in the Lounge of the Ingleside Community, 3050 Military Road, NW 20015; call Chairs for parking directions. (Metro bus: E-2, E-3, E-4, M-4). May also meet in members' homes.

Ruth Allen (#566), 362-8953
Joan Wilson (#438), 3050 Military Rd., NW 20015, 237-6264

Dorothy Armstrong, 3050 Military Rd., NW #414 20015, 244-7566
Mary Rodgers, 4601 3151 St., NW 20008, 244-1933

Hope Marindin, 3824 Legation St., NW 20015, 966-6367


Meets on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in downtown area restaurants

Interim Chair:
Sheila Willet, 2034B 17th St., NW 20009, 347-3020 or 588-1734


Meets on Tuesdays at 12:45 pm. at IONA Senior Services, 4125 Albemarle St., NW (Metro Red Line: Tenleytown)

Chair: Vacant


Meets on Tuesday at 9:45 a.m. in members' homes.

Leona Rumsey, 550 N St., #S202, SW 20024, 863-7484
Gladys Weaver, 1362 Fourth St., SW 20024, 554-3055

Ruth Miller, 1301 Delaware Ave., SW #N721 20024, 484-0886

Audrey Hatry, 530 N St., # S605, SW 20024, 554-4450


Meets on Wednesday at 9:45 a.m. in members' homes.

Paula McKann, 4709 16th St., NW 20011, 829-0656
Constance Tate, 609 Delafield Place, NW 20011, 882-0387


Meets on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in members' homes.

Joan Domike, 4200 Mass. Ave., #304, NW 20016, 966-3865
Jean Hall, 4545 Connecticut Ave., NW 20008, 362-4526

Throughout this directory, unless otherwise noted, all addresses are in D.C. and all telephone numbers are in area code 202.

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September 2003

3 (Wed) Board Meeting
9 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
9 (Tue) Oct. VOTER deadline
18 (Thu) Fall Opening Luncheon, Guest Speaker, Dr. Alice M. Rivlin
26 (Fri) Oct. VOTER mailing

October 2003

1 (Wed) Board Meeting
4 (Sat) Hillwood Tour & Tea Fundraiser
6 (Mon) Unit Council
7 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
7 (Tue) Nov. VOTER deadline
14-16 Unit Meetings, NCA Transportation Consensus
24 (Fri) Nov. VOTER mailing
27 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

November 2003

5 (Wed) Board Meeting
10 (Mon) Unit Council
11 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
11 (Tue) Dec. VOTER deadline
12 (Wed) General Meeting, Panel on School Vouchers
18-22 Unit Meetings, School Vouchers
21 (Fri) Dec. VOTER mailing
24 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

December 2003

3 (Wed) Board Meeting
8 (Mon) Unit Council
9 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
9 (Tue) Jan. VOTER deadline
15 (Mon) Last Day to Register to Vote in Jan 13 Primary
10 (Wed) General Meeting, Electoral College
16-18 Unit Meetings, Units' Choice
22 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue
26 (Fri) Jan. VOTER mailing

January 2004

7 (Wed) Board Meeting
12 (Mon) Unit Council
13 (Tue) Presidential Preference Primary Election
13 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
13 (Tue) Feb. VOTER deadline
20-22 Unit Meetings, Presidential Selection
23 (Fri) Feb. VOTER mailing
26 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

February 2004

4 (Wed) Board Meeting
9 (Mon) Unit Council
10 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
10 (Tue) Mar. VOTER deadline
12 (Thu) Card Party Fundraiser
17-19 Unit Meetings, National Program Planning
20 (Fri) Mar. VOTER mailing
23 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

March 2004

3 (Wed) Board Meeting
8 (Mon) Unit Council
9 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
9 (Tue) Apr. VOTER deadline
16-18 Unit Meetings, Congressional Representation
19 Mail Annual Mtg Notice
22 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue
26 (Fri) Apr. VOTER mailing

April 2004

7 (Wed) Board Meeting
13 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
13 (Tue) May VOTER dealine
22 (Thu) 84th Annual Meeting
23 (Fri) May VOTER mailing
26 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

May 2004

5 (Wed) Board Meeting
10 (Mon) Unit Council
11 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
11 (Tue) Jun. VOTER deadline
15 (Sat) NCA Convention
18-22 Unit Meetings, Juvenile Justice
21 (Fri) Jun. VOTER mailing
24 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

June 2004

2 (Wed) Board Meeting
8 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
11-14 LWVUS Convention
15-17 Unit Meetings, Units' Choice
28 (Mon) Brown Bag Dialogue

July 2004

7 (Wed) Board Meeting
13 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
13 (Tue) Jul/Aug VOTER deadline
23 (Fri) Jul/Aug VOTER mailing
23 (Fri) Handbook/Calendar Deadline

August 2004

10 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
10 (Tue) Sep. VOTER deadline
16 (Mon) Last Day to Register to Vote in the Sep 14 Primary Election
20 (Fri) Sep. VOTER mailing

September 2004

1 (Wed) Board Meeting
7 (Tue) New Citizen Ceremony
7 (Tue) Oct. VOTER deadline
14 (Tue) Primary Election
16 (Thu) Fall Opening Luncheon
24 (Fri) Oct. VOTER mailing

See your DC VOTER each month for activity time/location as well as information on committee meetings.

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If you have interests or skills to contribute in any of the program areas listed, call the Committee Chair, a Board member, or the office.

Affordable Housing

Chair: Sharron Hines, 395-9348 (w), 1310 Bayside Dr., Apt. 4, Woodbridge, VA 22191 703-328-1795 (h)
This committee will review League positions and update members on those positions with a view towards action. Will work with the National Capital Area Housing Committee to study regional aspects.

Children At Risk

Co-chairs: Joan Wilson, 237-6264, 3050 Military Rd., NW #438 20015 
This committee will research and review programs serving District children to report best practices and gaps.

Congressional Representation

Chair: Kathryn Schmidt, 237-5550,   3601 Connecticut Ave., NW, #418 20008 
This committee works within the League and with DC VOTE for full voting representation in Congress for the citizens of the District of Columbia. It will study several options for achieving voting rights for D.C.


Co-chairs: Constance Tate, 882-0387,   609 Delafield Pl., NW 20011
Gladys Weaver, 554-3055,   1362 Fourth St., SW 20024

The committee is conducting a consensus study on school vouchers.


Chair: Vacant
This committee will consider health care issues, both local & national in nature. 

International Relations

Co-chairs: Susan Rao,   636-1688,   1504 Girard St., NE 20018
Anne Porowski, 364-0557,   4200 Cathedral, NW, #1008 20016 
Having concluded concurrence studies for League positions on Trade and on the United Nations, the committee will focus on studies of various issues and countries. 

National Capital Area 

President: Barbara Sherrill,   703-527-4737,   4826 N. 17th St. Arlington, VA 22287
LWVDC Liaison to NCA Board: Amanda Espitia, 986-4873, 2706 Ontario Rd. NW, Apt 3 20009
The National Capital Area (NCA) is an organization of Leagues in the metropolitan area which study and work jointly on regional issues such as Transportation and Land Use. 

Presidential Selection

Chair: Sheila Keeney, 966-1692 3600 Albemarle St., NW 20008 
Ad hoc committee will direct LWVDC participation in updating LWVUS positions on electing the U.S. President.

Transportation and Planning

Chair: Grace Malakoff, 387-7540 2359, Ashmead Pl., NW 20009 
The committee will consider transportation and planning issues at the local level as well as at the regional level.

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Chair: Elaine Melmed, 393-4919, 1234 Massachusetts., NW, #113 20005 
Arranges meeting places, refreshments and other behind-the-scenes support for League activities. Committee is responsible for the Fall Opening Luncheon, Annual Meeting and special events.

Bed & Breakfast

Chair: Christine Matthews, 269-3890, 1218 Kearney St. NE, 20017 
Arranges accommodations in the homes of LWVDC members for other League members who are visiting Washington. Affords an opportunity to make cross-country friends; hostess shares income with LWVDC 

Brown Bag Dialogues

Chair: Anna Marsh,   554-7719,   1253 Delaware Ave., SW 20024 
Dialogues with officials and representatives of DC organizations and government are held over the noon hour on the fourth Monday of the month. 


Chair: June Bashkin,   537-1599, 4000 Massachusetts Ave., NW #723 20016
Develops annual DC League budgets; also develops longer-range financial planning strategies.

DC Voter Mailing

Mailing Coordinator: Barbara Luchs, 363-0853,   3633 Appleton St., NW 20008
A volunteer crew prepares the monthly newsletter DC VOTER for bulk mailing. 


Chair: Naomi Glass,   686-0124,   5533 33rd St., NW 20015
Coordinates fundraising efforts to meet ongoing budget requirements. 

Know The District of Columbia

Chair: Jeanette Miller,   362-1203,   2841 Tilden St., NW 20008 
This publication describing the District of Columbia's history and its government is currently being updated for reprinting before the end of the year. 


Office Manager: Sheila Willet, 588-1734,   2034B 17th St., NW 20009 
The League maintains an office complete with telephone, computers, a copier, and a fax for use in conducting League business 


Chair: Linda Softli, 667-8210, 1930 Columbia Rd., NW, #302 20009 
Develops membership recruitment and retention programs. Membership forms can be obtained in the League office or downloaded from web site:  

Private Elections

Co-chairs: Elizabeth Yancey, 726-1929,   1762 Redwood Ter. NW 20012
Elaine Melmed,  393-4919,   1234 Mass., NW, #113 20005 
Conducts private elections, provides accurate counting of ballots and professional supervision of election procedures for tenant and condominium associations, corporate boards, etc. Provides income for LWVDC

Public Relations

Chair: Elizabeth M. Martin   537-3043   3601 Connecticut Ave., NW 20008
Keeps the public informed about League positions, actions, programs and publications through newsprint, radio and television

Voters Service

Co-chairs: Elinor Hart, 387-2966, 1651 Hobart St., NW 20009
Judith A. Smith, 882-3021, 7628 17th St., NW 20012
MOVE: Elaine Melmed, 393-4919, 1234 Mass., NW, #113 20005
Elizabeth Yancey, 726-1929, 1762 Redwood Ter. NW 20012
DNet: Sheila Willet, 588-1734, 2034B 17th St., NW 20009

The League's commitment to promote voter registration and provide non-partisan election information is met through Voters Service. Once a month we register new citizens at the naturalization ceremonies at the U.S. District Courthouse. Through the Make Our Votes Count (MOVC) project, we continue to assist the D.C. Public Schools with the annual citywide student elections as well as to train students to register Senior High students to vote. LWV's Democracy Network (DNet) is the League's electronic Voter's Guide provided through the Internet. During an election year, the District of Columbia site ( provides candidate information on federal and local elections as well as ballot measures.

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2004 Election Schedule

Election Date Last Day to Register
Presidential Preference Primary January 13 Mon. Dec. 15, 2003
Primary September 14 Mon. Aug. 16, 2004
General November 2 Mon. Oct. 4, 2004
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