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FROM: Nominating Committee: Elinor Hart, Chair, Johnetta Kelly, Leona Rumsey,

Sue Whitman, Reggie Yancey.
SUBJECT: 2003-2004 Nomination Slate
DATE: March 21, 2002

The slate of nominations for officers, board members, and nominating committee members, with accompanying biographic information, is provided below for your approval at the 83rd Annual business meeting to be held on Thursday, April 24, 2003.


President - Frances Gemmill 
1st Vice President - Naomi Glass (filling in remainder of vacant position until 2004) 
2nd Vice President - Madlyn Calbert
Secretary - Kenneth Nesper, Jr.


Barbara Luchs, Grace Malakoff, Kathy Schmidt


Christine Matthews, Chair, Mary Rodgers, Joan Domike


PRESIDENT: Frances Cook Gemmill came to Washington from Western Arkansas in 1944 and worked in the Pentagon for the Department of Defense until the War ended, then found employment with the International Monetary Fund in its early years. She attended George Washington University where she completed a BA, then an MA in Psychology in 1958. While attending GWU, she moved from the IMF to work for the CIA in 1952. She married Robert F. Gemmill of the Federal Reserve Board staff in 1958; moved from Virginia to DC and they were soon joined in the house on Albemarle Street by son John and daughter Elizabeth.

Sheila Keeny introduced her to the League in 1966. Frances was drawn into League activities, and served as Chairman of the Cleveland Park Unit, member, later Chairman of the Education Committee then Board member and 2nd Vice President in 1973, in time to participate in League work for the Home Rule Bill. Later she served on the Board of the National Capital Area League, a term as Treasurer, and a term as newsletter editor (a one-page insert for your VOTER in those days.) She returned as Membership Chair for a two-year term in 1988, and served as Office Manager in the early 90s. Currently she serves as an appointed Director on the Board and Co-Editor of the DC VOTER. She has served on the Vestry of St. Albans Episcopal Church 1986-89, currently enjoys ringing in St. Albans Bell Choir. Music, reading, and watching grandsons Jake (11) and Max (8) play soccer are her chief hobbies.

1st VICE PRESIDENT: Naomi Glass joined the DC League of Women Voters in the late 1960s and has served in numerous capacities, including President; she is currently completing a term as Second Vice President. She served as President of the National Capital Area League of Women Voters and is currently on the Board as Program Director. She retired from the DC tax department in 1991 and is still vitally interested in DC government affairs. Her current interests outside the League and her family include the Institute for Learning in Retirement and travel, when time permits.

2nd VICE PRESIDENT: Madlyn Calbert joined the League in the 1980s and has served as Director, Co-Chair Upper 16th Street Unit, and League Coordinator of White House Volunteers during the 1990s. An AARP Volunteer, she was Health Advocacy Service Coordinator and later a Women's Initiative Spokesperson. Presently, she is a member of the Advisory Council, Association for the Study of African-American Life and History, recently receiving the Association's Mary McCleod-Bethune Service Award.

She is a volunteer in the School America Program at Whittier Elementary School. Retiring as Assistant Director, Department of English, DC Public Schools, she later coordinated a 5-year ministry to the young men in Youth Center One, Lorton Prison. She served 13-years on the faculty of West Virginia State College, attaining the rank of Associate Professor. After receiving a BA in English with honors, she completed an MA in Education at Howard University; an MA in English at Marshall University, and a Professional Diploma with doctoral studies at T.C., Columbia University as a Dodge Chambers Fellow. Additional study includes: Garrett School of Theology, Northwestern University (Danforth Fellow), and New York's Union Theological Seminary. She has served on the faculties of several colleges and universities and has edited a number of books including a history of DC's Shiloh Baptist Church. As a military wife, she was President of the Officers Wives Club, Fort Hamilton, NY. Her family includes Retired Army Chaplain William Calbert, four daughters, one son and four grandchildren.

SECRETARY: Kenneth Nesper, Jr. joined the LWVDC in 1998 and currently serves in the position of recording secretary on the Board of Directors. He has lived in the Brookland section of Washington for 15 years and in the metropolitan area for 30 years. The U. S. Postal Service employs Ken as an information technology planner. He holds masters degrees in Foreign Policy and Public Administration. He currently serves as associate chair of his church's governing council and has served as chair of the finance committee, council on ministries, and board of trustees as well as recording secretary of the administrative board. Other volunteer experience includes Bread for the World, Brookland and Neighbors, Families United of Brookland, and the B&O Railroad Museum. He is married to Chris Matthews.

DIRECTOR: Barbara Luchs has acted as Co-chair of the DC Voter Mailing Committee since 1999, helping to organize the monthly mailing of the Voter. She has also served on the DC League's Transportation, Recreation, Government Representative, Public Affairs, and Education committees. Previously, she worked for over 30 years for the DC Public Schools Widening Horizons Career Orientation Program, the Neighborhood Planning Councils for Children and Youth, the Mayor's Committee on Food, Nutrition and Health, the Recreation Advisory Committee, and as an elected ANC Commissioner. She was a coordinator for CAPCOM, Inc., a telecommunications and Sign Language Interpreter service for deaf people for over 15 years. She presently serves as Librarian to the National Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and helps organize the public service announcements at the National Public Radio Station WAMU.

DIRECTOR: Grace Malakoff joined the League of Women Voters in Little Rock, AR. in 1958. She was DCLWV President 1988-91 and serves both the National Capital Area League and on the DC Board dealing with transportation, with prior work on committees on housing and planning, education, and environment. She attended public schools, including two years at North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota; and received an M.A. in political science from the University of Chicago, with later courses in computer programming and systems. She has worked as university instructor in state and local government and, in Washington, in social science survey research, a study of brainwashing, social indicators, police statistics, energy conservation, as administrator and "computerizer" of a database installation, and as a columnist for the American Association of University Women.

A resident of the Adams Morgan community since 1960, she has been president of PTA, active in home rule pursuits, chairperson and treasurer of ten-member Advisory Neighborhood Commission 1C during the Reed-Cooke rezoning, and on planning and zoning committees of the Kalorama Citizens Association in an area designated an historic district. She and her husband, Robert, have three adult children and four grandchildren.

DIRECTOR: Kathy Schmidt has been an active member of the Upper 16th Street unit for the last eleven years. She served for four years as secretary of the LWVDC Board. She was part of the education committee for six years, for four of which she served as chair. Kathy is a graduate of DePauw University. Her MLS degree is from Southern Connecticut State College. She also holds a 6th year certificate in education from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. She is currently appointed to the DC Board where she holds the portfolio on Congressional Representation in Congress. She also is the League's liaison to DC Vote.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE, CHAIR: Christine Matthews Christine Matthews does library consulting and has done library and volunteer work with a number of organizations including Bread for the World, the DC Alliance for the Mentally III, and the Foundry UMC Peace with Justice Mission. She works with neighborhood groups and coordinates block parties. She worked as part time office manager for LWVDC (1996-99). Raised in Michigan, she obtained her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Western Michigan University. She and her husband Ken Nesper have lived in Northeast DC for fifteen years.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE MEMBER: Joan Ronder Domike has been a member of LWV for over 50 years. Until recently her principal professional activity has included: Senior Trial Attorney, Internal Revenue Service, Washington, D.C. Beginning in 1970, she served as an attorney in the Office of the Chief Counsel, IRS. From 1970 until fall, 1976, she worked in the headquarters office in Washington D.C. From 1976 through 1980, she was assigned to the IRS District Counsel Office in New York City, trying cases before the U.S. Tax Court. After returning to Washington in 1981, she worked as trial attorney in the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division (and its predecessors). Joan retired June 1, 2002 at which time she was awarded the Treasury Department Gallatin Award.

Joan's educational background includes: Georgetown University Law Center, Washington D.C., 1967-1970, granted JD degree, June 1970. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1947-49, granted MS degree, Cancer Biology and Physiological Chemistry. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts, 1943-1947, B.A. degree, pre-medical major.

She has been active in the League of Women Voters in many varied positions, currently she is co-chair of the Evening Unit. Other outside interests include: American Civil Liberties Union Chair; Children's Rights Task Force, River Road Unitarian Church, Bethesda MD. Joan is married to Arthur L. Domike. They have children and six grandchildren.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE MEMBER: Mary S. Rodgers joined the League in 1989 upon retirement from the DC Board of Elections after 20 years of employment. It was during this time that the League and its mission were invaluable to the electoral process in the District of Columbia. Mary is a Native Washingtonian. She attended elementary and middle schools in D.C. Public Schools. She attended high school and college in Massachusetts.

Mary has been a member of the LWVDC Chevy Chase Unit, now Chevy Chase/Ingleside and have served as membership chair of that unit for many years. She is the mother of three and grandmother of three.


FROM: Board of Directors, E. Patricia Hallman, President
SUBJECT: Recommended Program Plan for 2003-2004
DATE: March 21, 2002

Regarding program for the next biennium, the Board of Directors of the League of Women Voters of the District of Columbia recommends that all our current positions be retained and that an update of our positions on Congressional voting rights for the District of Columbia be undertaken, with particular attention given to the various options for attaining representation. Non-recommended as new study items are: Rent Stabilization and Social Services Safety Net.

It was also recommended that the National Capital Area League of Women Voters study Homeland Security.



FROM: Board of Directors
E. Patricia Hallman, President

SUBJECT: By-Law Amendment

DATE: March 21, 2002

The following Bylaw Amendment was submitted by League member Joan Domike and is presented by the Board to the membership with a recommendation for approval. A vote will be taken on April 24, 2003 of the membership present to approve or disapprove this amendment.

Proposal from Joan Domike: I believe the Board of Directors of LWVDC should have flexibility to arrive at a decision by use of correspondence, i.e., postal mail, e-mail and facsimile communication. This flexibility already exists in the Education Fund Trust Agreement. I propose that the following amendment be put to the membership for approval at the next annual meeting:

Article IV. Section 5 of the By-laws on LWVDC Board meetings should be revised to read (new matter in bold italics):

"There shall be not fewer than four regular meetings of the Board of Directors annually. The president may call special meetings of the Board of Directors and shall call a special meeting upon written request of four members of the Board. Such call may be by postal mail, e-mail, and/or facsimile communication. Additionally, the president or any two members of the Board may submit any question in writing (postal mail, e-mail and/or facsimile communication) to each member of the Board of Directors. Each Director shall then vote Yes or No on the said question and transmit that vote promptly to the requesting party(s), shall transmit a signed copy of her/his vote to the office, and, if using e-mail, shall transmit a copy of the reply to all other directors. An affirmative or negative answer by a majority of all the Directors shall constitute effective action in the premises by the Board of Directors, to the same effect as if such action had been taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors duly called and at which a quorum was present."



Apr 02 through Feb 03
1000 DC VOTER 3,000   1,844   2,315  
1001 Printing           910
1002 Masthead/Back Page           550
1003 Postage           330
1004 One-Time Postage Cost           525
1100 Shared Office Expenses 44,300   33,357   44,845  
1101 Equipment Maintenance   1,000   314   300
1102 Telephone/Communication Serv.   1,400   1,142   1,400
1103 Insurance   700   690   700
1104 Rent   12,300   11,393   12,845
1105 Staff Wages/Taxes (SS, unemp)   26,000   17,513   26,200
1106 Char. Fee & property tax   100   0   100
1107 Supplies/Copying/Stationary   1,000   720   1,500
1108 Postage   700   909   1,000
1109 Computer Maint & Supplies   1,100   396   800
1200 Other Office Expenses 1,320   1,108   800  
1201 Financial Services   1,220   1,108   500
1202 Capital Equipment   100   0   300
1300 Board Admin. Committees 1,000   590   1,150  
1301 President   100   0   100
1302 Admin Services   700   22   100
1303 Membership   100   568   700
1304 Organizational Dues   100   0   250
1400 Fund Raising 5,500   2,028   6,400  
1401 Finance Drive   200   557   1,000
1402 Benefits   3,000   50   4,000
1404 Private Elections   1,000   202   600
1405 Bed & Breakfast   600   276   300
1407 Other   700   1,141   500
1500 League Meetings 6,220   7,313   5,600  
1501 LWVUS Convention/Council   2,400   3,432   1,550
1502 NCA Convention   120   125   150
1503 LWVDC Annual Meeting   1,900   2,316   2,100
1505 Fall Luncheon   1,800   1,440   1,800
1600 Financial Support for LWV 3,700   5,942   3,700  
1601 LWVUS Member Payment   3,500   5,743   3,500
1602 NCA Dues   200   199   200
1700 Committee Expenses 1,300   316   1,788  
1701 Printing/Copying Inserts to VOTER           1,588
1702 Other           200
1800 Contingency 100   170   200  
EXPENSES TOTAL 66,440   52,668   66,798  


Apr 02 through Feb 03
100 Dues (inc. rebate from Nat'l) 12,000   9,512   11,000  
200 Contributions 6,500   4,539   5,800  
201 Finance Drive - members   3,500   2,611   3,000
202 Finance Drive - nonmembers   0   50   500
203 Other - members   2,500   1,758   2,000
204 Other - nonmembers   500   120   300
300 Development 23,590   13,128   23,600  
301 Benefits   9,090   398   10,000
302 Private Elections   7,500   10,214   7,000
303 Bed & Breakfast   1,000   480   600
304 Bequests   5,000   0   5,000
306 Other   1,000   2,036   1,000
400 Meetings 3,700   2,824   3,900  
403 Annual Meeting   1,900   1,346   2,100
404 Fall Luncheon   1,800   1,478   1,800
500 Publications 0   0   0  
700 From Ed. Fund 17,100   9,316   17,353  
701 Office Expenses (35%)   15,500   8,345   15,696
702 Finance Drive (50%)   100   119   500
703 VOTER (50%)   1,500   852   1,158
800 Invest. Income Reptd. 3,450   6,472   5,050  
801 Income Reported       1,472   2,500
802 From Reserves       5,000   2,550
900 Miscellaneous Receipts 100       100  
INCOME TOTAL 66,440   45,791   66,803  


Latest Reported Asset Values (w/Income) (Through January 2003)  
  First Union (Wachovia)  
    Money Market 9,940
    Checking 13,112
  Morgan Stanley ICS (Funds Solution)  
    Money Market 9,069
    Mutual Funds 56,667
TOTAL 88,788

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