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The League's neighborhood Units, formed during World War II, soon became an essential element of League structure where members can meet informally to learn, discuss, and take action. Today, with more women working, we must ask whether our five Units still meet the needs of our current membership. Do have more Units than we can support? Are there other ways to study and reach consensus? Could General Meetings offering outside speakers fulfill the same goal if combined with follow-up discussion sessions? Would the League remain an effective member-directed organization in the absence of Units? Whether you are an active League member or just a "spectator", your responses to the following questions are solicited. Your signature will be helpful but is not required. Please print this form, answer the following questions, and return it ASAP to Sheila Keeny, 3600 Albemarle Street, NW, Washington, DC 20008.

1. How often do you attend Unit Meetings?

_____ Regularly
_____ Occasionally
_____ Not at all

If regularly or occasionally, which Unit(s) do you attend?

If not at all, is this for

_____ Lack of interest
_____ Lack of time
_____ Other? Specify other (program committee work, boring meetings, etc.)

2. Unit Meetings offer every member an opportunity to speak out and study an issue in depth. How important is the Unit discussion period to you?

_____ Very important
_____ Fairly important
_____ Not at all

Is it important to the League's reputation for impartial study?

_____ Very Important
_____ Fairly important
_____ Not important

3. General Meetings with outside speakers offer special insights to League members. Are General Meetings

_____ More valuable to you than Unit Meetings?
_____ Of equal value?
_____ Less valuable?

4. Should General Meetings be followed by group discussions offering speak out opportunities?

_____ Yes     _____ No

Could Five Units be replaced by a single daytime and a single evening Unit meeting for this purpose?

_____ Yes     _____ No

5. In which League activities have you participated?

_____ Voters Service
_____ Program Committee work
_____ Unit Leadership
_____ Fundraising
_____ Board participation
_____ Other (specify)

6. Do you have an email address?

_____ Yes     _____ No

If yes, please print _________________________

Would you be interested in a Virtual Unit that meets:

Primarily by e-mail? _____ Yes     _____ No
Or over the Internet in a chat room?
     _____ Yes     _____ No

7. Are you working in a paid or volunteer position?

_____ Yes     _____ No

If yes, do you work

_____ Half time or less?
_____ More than half time?

8. Would a luncheon Unit meeting interest you?

_____ Yes     _____ No

If yes, would you attend

_____ a "Brown Bag" at the LWVUS Office? Or
_____ would you prefer something more ambitious such as a Metro-accessible restaurant?

9. Would an early evening Unit meeting (6-7:30 pm) better meet your schedule?

_____ Yes     _____ No

Where should it meet? _________________________

10. As a working member, would you be interested in a Saturday unit?

_____ Yes     _____ No

Please add any other observations on Units for Board guidance.

Signature (optional)

Date ______________________________

Please check age category

_____ 18-35     _____ 36-50
_____ 51-65     _____ over 65

Thank you for taking the time to fill out and mail in this survey.