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Public Information Officers for District Departments and Agencies
Last Updated December 02, 2013




Dorothy Brizill
Bonnie Cain
Jim Dougherty
Gary Imhoff
Phil Mendelson
Mark David Richards
Sandra Seegars


DCWatch Archives
Council Period 12
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Election 1998
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Election 2004
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Government and People
Anacostia Waterfront Corporation
Boards and Com
Campaign Finance
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Management Officer
City Council
Control Board
Corporation Counsel
DC Agenda
Elections and Ethics
Fire Department
FOI Officers
Inspector General
Housing and Community Dev.
Human Services
Mayor's Office
Mental Health
Motor Vehicles
Neighborhood Action
National Capital Revitalization Corp.
Planning and Econ. Dev.
Planning, Office of
Police Department
Property Management
Public Advocate
Public Libraries
Public Schools
Public Service Commission
Public Works
Regional Mobility Panel
Sports and Entertainment Com.
Taxi Commission
Telephone Directory
University of DC
Water and Sewer Administration
Youth Rehabilitation Services
Zoning Commission

Issues in DC Politics

Budget issues
DC Flag
DC General, PBC
Gun issues
Health issues
Housing initiatives
Mayor’s mansion
Public Benefit Corporation
Regional Mobility
Reservation 13
Tax Rev Comm
Term limits repeal
Voting rights, statehood
Williams’s Fundraising Scandals


Appleseed Center
Cardozo Shaw Neigh.Assoc.
Committee of 100
Fed of Citizens Assocs
League of Women Voters
Parents United
Shaw Coalition



What Is DCWatch?

themail archives

Aging, Office on, Darlene Nowlin, 727-8364, fax 727-1569, dnowlin-age@dcgov.org 
Appeals and Review, Board of, Francine James, 727-9412, fax 737-3497
Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs, Greg Chen, 727-3120, fax 727-9655
Banking and Financial Institutions, E. Janice Ghenene, 727-1564, 727-1588, jghenene-obfi@dcgov.org 
Boards and Commissions, Office of, Ronald King, 727-1372, fax 727-2359
Business and Economic Development, Jackie Flowers, 727-6703, fax 727-6703
Cable Television and Telecommunications, Charles Brabble, 671-0044, 727-2343, cbrabble-ctv@dcgov.org 
Chief Financial Officer, Clarice Ransom, 727-2476, fax 727-0462
Chief Technology Officer, Office of, Linda K. Argo, 727-9247, largo-cto@dcgov.org
Committee to Promote Washington, Jennifer Gibbins, 724-5345, fax 724-2445, jennifer@promote-dc.gov 
Communications, Office of, Tony Bullock, Lateef Mangum-AV, Veronica McDonald, Chris Bender, Germonique Jones, Betsy Peoples, 727-5011, fax 727-9561
Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Carlynn Fuller, Gina Douglas, 442-8933, fax 442-9445
Contracting and Procurement, Office of, Janice Bolt, 724-4002, fax 727-3229, janis.bolt@dc.gov
Convention Center Authority, Washington, Tony Robinson, 626-1107, fax 347-8571, trobinson@dcconvention.com; Mildred Bradsher, 626-1112, mbradsher@dcconvention.com 
Corporation Counsel, Office of, Leigh Slaughter, 724-5198, 494-0400, fax 727-9656
Corrections, Department of, Darryl Madden, 673-2300x120, 257-1016, fax 673-7173
Courts, DC, Margaret Summers, 879-1219, fax 879-1802, summermt@dcsc.gov 
Elections and Ethics, Board of, Bill O'Field, 727-2525, fax 347-2648
Emergency Management Agency, Jo'Ellen G. Countee, 727-2985, 727-6161x1137, fax 673-2008
Employment Services, Department of, Diana Johnson, 724-7107, 724-7384, 724-7651; fax 724-7338, djohnson@does.dcgov.org 
Energy Office, Sharon Cooke, 673-6738, 673-6750, 439-4883, fax 673-6725, scookeyuba@aol.com 
Fire and Emergency Management Services, D.C., Allan Etter, Denise Reade, 673-3379
Health, Department of, Valca Valentine, 442-9195, fax 442-4809, vvalentine@dchealth.com; Vera Jackson, 442-9194, vera.jackson@dc.gov 
Housing Authority, DC, Arthur Jones, 535-1802, fax 535-1577
Housing and Community Development, Pam Mitchell, 442-7256, 901-3718, fax 442-8391, pammitchell@dhcd.dcgov.org; Tia Matthews, 442-7259, tiamatthews@dhcd.dcgov.org 
Human Rights, Office of, Commission on, Cornelius Alexander, 727-0656, fax 727-3781, cohr@hotmail.com 
Human Services, Department of, Madelyn Andrews, 279-6113
Insurance and Securities Regulation, Tamera Velasquez, 442-7774, 535-1196, tvelasquez-disr@dcgov.org 
Labor Relations, Veronica Harris, 724-5657, 257-1662, fax 727-6887, vharris@dcgov.org 
Latino Affairs, Mayor’s Office on, Thomas Bialet, 671-2824, fax 673-4557
Library, DC Public, Debra L. Truhart, 727-1184, fax 727-1129, truhartd_2000@yahoo.com 
Lottery, DC, Robert Hainey, 645-8075, fax 645-7914, rhainey@dclottery.com 
Mental Health Services, Commission on, Linda Grant, 364-3422, fax 364-4886, grant@receivermha.org 
Motion Pictures, Crystal Palmer, 727-6608, fax 727-3787
Motor Vehicles, Department of, Regina Williams, 727-5390, fax 727-5107, rwilliams@dpw.dcgov.org 
Parole, Board of, Robert Murphy, 220-5340, fax 220-5335, murphy@csosa.fed.us 
People’s Counsel, Office of, Lawrence F. Jones, 727-3071x219, fax 727-1014
Personnel, Office of, Randi Blank, 442-9648, fax 364-5244, rblank@dcop.dcgov.org
Planning, Office of, Michael Johnson, 442-7600x22, fax 442-4293, mikejohnson2-planning@dcgov.org 
Police Department, Metropolitan, Sgt. Joe Gentile, 727-4383, fax 727-0437; Kevin Morison, 727-9346, fax 727-9524, mpdcchief_org@excite.com 
Property Management, Office of, Amy Ochetti, 724-4141
Public Advocate, Office of, Larry Hemphill, 673-4413, fax 939-8727, lhemphill-eom@dcgov.org 
Public Defender Services, Gabe Chikes, 626-8400, fax 626-8423
Public Employee Relations Board, Patricia Waller, 727-3245, fax 727-9116
Public Safety, Rai Howell, 727-9920, fax 727-9878
Public Service Commission, Karen Archer, 626-9161, kaw777@aol.com
Public Works, Department of, Mary Myers, 671-2375; Transportation, Bill Rice, 671-2004, fax 671-0642
Recreation and Parks, Terry Lee, 673-2195, 673-7389, terry.lee@dc.gov 
Religious Affairs, Reverend Robinson, 727-1750, fax 727-9655
Tax and Revenue, Jacqueline Wallace, 442-6483, fax 442-6477, jwallace-otr@dcgov.org 
Taxicab Commission, George W. Crawford, 645-6018, fax 889-3604
University of the District of Columbia, vacant, 274-5100, fax 274-5304
Water and Sewer Authority, Libby Lawson, 787-2203, fax 645-0663

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