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Mark Dubester, Timothy G. Lynch, Assistant U.S. Attorneys
Chart outlining acts of Douglas Jemal, Michael Lorusso, et al.,
in the case of United States of America vs. Douglas Jemal, et al.,
Criminal Action No. 05-359 (RMU), from the
Government's Opposition to Defendants' Motions for Judgment of Acquittal and Motion to Dismiss
October 15, 2006




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Indictment of Douglas Jemal, Norman D. Jemal, and Blake Escherick of Douglas Development Corporation

Date Thing of value given Involvement of Particular Defendants Official Acts of Lorusso
May 2001 Accommodations in Las Vegas (Bellagio Hotel) Trip offered by Esherick and Douglas Jemal; paid for on Normal Jemal's credit card; payment funded by Douglas Jemal Signing Letter of Intent for 4800 Addison Road and taking related steps to lease space for DC Government at that location
July 2001     Approved $38,000 move damage invoice
August 2001 $10,000 Cash


$3,200 Rolex

Esherick; jury entitle to infer source of cash was Douglas Jemal, since case did not come from Esherick's account;

Esherick gave the watch; Norman Jemal's credit card used to purchase the watch; Norman Jemal's credit card statement paid for by Douglas Jemal;

Esherick cased watch repair to be charged to Sabra Gould's credit card; expense approved by Esherick, paid by check signed by Douglas Jemal to American Express; expene account report would have been provided to Douglas Jemal with check.

Signing Addison Road lease;


Signing $1.8million lease at 77 P Street for Department of Mental Health (DMH);

Causing $99,000 to be paid pursuant to a false "Construction management" invoice;

Commencement of negotiations on the "New Economy Act" space.

Late September-early October 2001 Cash Esherick Continued negotiations on the New Economy Act space
October 2001 Auto repairs Esherick directed George Cois; charged to Sabra's credit card; credit card bill paid by Douglas Jemal. Lorusso approved three invoices that benefitted Douglas Jemal:

1) $100,000 invoice (unitemized) for Addison Road construction;

2) $66,000 invoice for "Telco Room Buildout";

3) $863,000 for "Reimbursement for Tenant Construction."

November 2001 MCI Center Ticket (Michael Jordan's first game) Esherick, charges placed on Sabra's credit card, credit card bill paid by Douglas Jemal. Lorusso commended steps to purchase 4800 Addison Road;

Lorusso added 15,000 square feet to DMH, lease at 77 P Street;

Lorusso back-dated letter, appears to be for zoning hearing, at Esherick's request.

December 2001 MCI Center events Esherick; Douglas Jemal signed checks to MCI Center with supporting documentation indicating that Lorusso was guest Lorusso took stpes to inflate Addison Road appraisal;

Lorusso used DC Government "commission pool" funds to pay two $97,000 invoices for 77 P Street

February 2002 Offer of trip to Forida and purchase of tickets;

Offer and purchase of reservation for trip to Las Vegas

Esherick offered; paid for by Normal Jemal; Norman Jemal's credit card use reimbused directly by Douglas Jemal

Put on Normal Jemal's credit card;

Lorusso used DC Government "commission pool" funds to pay DCC debts, including Branlik.
May 2002 meals, lodging and entertainment in Las Vegas;

Cowboy boots in excess of $1000

All three in attendance, paid for with Normal Jemal's credit card.

Douglas Jemal

June 2002     Lorusso paid additional DDC debt from "commission pool" funds.
July 2002     Lorusso signed two more leases for 77 P Street.
August 2002 offer of custom made suit Esherick Lorusso signed another lease for 77 P Street;

Lorusso spoke to Morgan Stanley bankers to assure them DC government would fill up 77 P Street.

2001-2002 meals


Douglas Jemal (on credit card) and paid for as company expense; all defendants aware and present;

Black Esherick (directing limousine to be made available).

Expediting payments from DC Government to DDC;

Failing to monitor status of $863,000 transferred to Lorusso in October 2001;

Failing to monitor status of payment obligation of approximately $377,000 by DDC to the commission pool account;

Failing to monitor status of $100,000 paid by DC Government to DDC for tenant improvements at Addison Road.

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