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Office of Neighborhood Services




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PowerPoint Presentation on Office Neighborhood Services Personnel

PowerPoint Presentation, January 12, 2004


To build citizen trust in government by delivering high quality services in every neighborhood, through multi-agency collaboration.

What is Neighborhood Services?

  • Coordinates efforts of multiple agencies.
  • Addresses crime prevention needs of MPD.
  • Works in partnership with the community.
  • Addresses Persistent Problem Areas (PPAs) through joint development and implementation of workplans.
  • Delivers and sustains visible results.

Founded on Past Agency Efforts

  • Partnerships for Problem Solving (MPD)
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program (DCRA)
  • Service District Model (DPW-SWMA)
  • Clean City Champions (DPW-SWEEP)
  • No matter what the level of individual agency effort was, getting traction with other agencies was a challenge.

DHS Coordinates with Work of "Charter" Agencies and Recent Additions

Core Team Member Accountabilities

  • Agency Representative
  • Community Engagement
  • Service Delivery

Leadership Team (LT) Member Accountabilities

  • Agency representative
  • Empowers Agency employees to deliver services
  • Keeps Agency head in the loop, especially where CT work impacts Agency policy, operations of budget
  • Develops and supports partnerships between Agencies
  • Monthly contact with agency Core Team and Program Managers

NSC Key Accountabilities

  • Leader of the Core Team and Coordinator of multi-agency service delivery on PPAs in each Ward
  • Creates partnerships to address PPAs
  • Assists in SNAP development
  • Monitor non-PPA service delivery Ward issues

Selecting Persistent Problem Areas (PPAs)

  • Public safety and Crime Prevention needs
  • Level of Community Concern
  • Volume of human service needs
  • Proximity to Schools (esp. Transformation schools)
  • Proximity to Facilities caring for vulnerable people

4 Phases

  • Mobilize - Need the community with us
  • Reclaim - Make a visible difference
  • Revitalize - Building blocks for long-term improvement
  • Sustain - Keep strong momentum through community ownership

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Neighborhood Services Personnel

Name Office Phone Email Fax Admin. Assist.
Director, Patrick Canavan 727-5146 patrick.canavan@dc.gov 727-9878 Sharon Perritt
Deputy Director, Tara Jones 727-5146 tara.jones@dc.gov 727-9878 Sharon Perritt
Policy Analyst, Kristina Ennix 727-3846 kristina.ennix@dc.gov 727-9878 Sharon Perritt
Ward 1 Jose Sueiro 671-2338 jose.sueiro@dc.gov 671-3330 Daysi Fernandez
Ward 2 Clark Ray 671-4095 clark.ray@dc.gov 671-4097 Migdalia Taveras
Ward 3 Pending 282-7952 migdalia.taveras@dc.gov 282-7992 Migdalia Taveras
Ward 4 Merrit Drucker 576-8103 merrit.drucker@dc.gov 576-7799 Vacant
Ward 5 Todd Douglas 671-0727 todd.douglas@dc.gov 671-0728 Joanne Robinson
Ward 6 Peter Jones 698-5622 peter.jones@dc.gov 698-4537 Francine Edmonds
Ward 7 Rose Money 645-6196 rose.money@dc.gov 645-6197 Curtis Ross
Ward 8 Kristina Ennix 645-0309 kristina.ennix@dc.gov 645-0463 Amira Muhammad

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