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Department of Motor Vehicles
Press Release on Destiny System
June 10, 2002




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Anthony A. Williams
Sherryl Hobbs Newman

District of Columbia Government

Department of Motor Vehicles
301 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20001
For Immediate Release
June 10, 2002
Contact: Regina M. Williams

Mayor Williams, DMV Director and Chief Technology Officer address DMV changes

(Washington, DC)- At a press conference today, Mayor Anthony A. Williams, DC DMV Director Sherryl Hobbs Newman, and Chief Technology Officer Suzanne Peck outlined DMV's new computer system, DESTINY. Their comprehensive overview answered questions about the system, and they explained the changes at DMV that have occurred since "road testing" of the DESTINY system began.

DESTINY was released in phases over a period of six months and is still in its testing stages. The system replaces the 30-year old Motor Vehicle Information System (MVIS) that was inefficient and antiquated.

"The DESTINY system meets the needs of customers and managers in two critical ways," said Mayor Williams. "The system allows for quick multiple online transactions, and its integration with other computer systems throughout the government allows it to deny services to people who haven't paid child support, previous tickets or who have written bad checks to the DC government."

"The Destiny system provides an integrated customer information database that can track all the past and present motor vehicle activity of a driver including parking and moving violations," said Newman. "As a result, wait times at DMV service centers have increased as customers are being caught off guard when tickets resurface under the one customer/one record system. We are putting solutions in place to screen customers with clear records so that they may complete their transactions in a timely fashion."

"The District now has more online functions than any jurisdiction in the country," Peck said. "The more people use the online system, the more convenient DMV transactions will be for them, and the less stress there will be on DMV's brick and mortar locations. The teamwork between the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and DMV has created greater convenience for District residents."

At today's news conference, Mayor Williams conducted a mock online vehicle registration renewal, which ' demonstrated the system's convenience and quick transaction time.

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Issue Drivers' Licenses/Non Drivers' ID Cards
Conduct Medical Reviews

License Restrictions
Handicap Placards/Tags
Alcohol/Drug Program

Issue Driving Records
Register Vehicles
Title Vehicles
Inspect Vehicles
Issue Residential Parking Permits
Conduct Hearings

  • Mail
  • In-Person

Accept Ticket Payments

Minor Moving
Photo Red-Light & Speeding

Administer Ticket Processing Contract

Boot Vehicles
Tow Vehicles
Issue Tickets of Any Kind
Manufacture or Post Street Signs
Regulate Or Enforce Metered or Residential Parking
Manage or Administer Photo
Enforcement Contract
(Speeding/Red Light)
Have Legal Authority to Dismiss or Waive Tickets Due to Age
Enforce ROSA Program
Issue Visitor Parking Permits

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Greater Access to DMV Services
  • 3 New Customer Service Centers
    More Operating Hours
    More Full Service Locations
    Knowledge Exams Offered at All Service Centers
  • More Payment Options
    Credit/Debit Cards
  • Express Office for Renewal Transactions
  • Neighborhood Drop Boxes
Better Customer Service
  • Improved Environment
  • Customer Service & Diversity Training for Employees
  • Express Service for Renewal Transactions
Better Customer Communication
  • Reminder Notices For All Services
  • Updated Web Page
  • Updated IVR (Interactive Voice Response System)
  • Updated Brochures and Forms
Special Services
  • Hours for Senior Citizens at the Inspection Station
  • Child Car Seat Fitting Station
  • Knowledge Exams Offered in Different Languages
  • AT&T Language Line
Greater Security Functions
  • Digitized Driver's License
  • Computer Generated Driver's License Number
  • Window Registration Sticker
Integrated Motor Vehicle Information System (MVIS) with Enhanced On-Line Functions

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Pre-Screening of Customers with Tickets June 24
Re- Inspection Stations August 1
Parking Ticket Amnesty 45 Days from Notice
Phone/On-line Payment of Photo Enforcement Tickets July 15
Residential Parking Permit Exchange at C Street June 29
Refund Letters (1997-Present) June 7
Refund Checks Mailed June 7
Deferred Ticket Payment Plan August 1
"See Window Stickers" July 1

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For Resident

For the District

  • Issue driver's license
  • Issue duplicate driver's license
  • Renew driver's license
  • Issue commercial driver's license
  • Issue handicap placard
  • Issue ID card
  • Issue vehicle registration
  • Issue renewal notice (license, vehicle, and inspection)
  • Renew vehicle registration
  • Transfer vehicle registration
  • Issue first time title
  • Issue duplicate title
  • Change title ownership
  • Issue new tag
  • Transfer tag
  • Issue temporary tag
  • Issue special tag
  • Issue learner's permit
  • Issue special permit
  • Issue residential parking permit
  • Record vision test results
  • Record medical screening results
  • Schedule road test appointment
  • Administer knowledge & driver's tests
  • Pay outstanding traffic violation tickets
  • Accept credit cards, checks and money orders
  • Online services allow residents to "Skip the Trip"
  • Title and tag requests can be made at all locations
  • Parking tickets can be paid at any window
  • Dishonored checks can be paid at any window
  • Driver history record can be issued at any window
  • Inspection renewal notice is automatically sent to customer Increased services are available at the inspection station
    • Registration renewal on completion of inspection
    • Scheduled inspection appointments
  • Consolidation of registration decal and residential parking permit increases efficiency
  • Registration notices are sent directly to the driver rather than through the leaseholder
  • Knowledge test interface provides real-time update of test results
  • Detailed receipts provide complete information for customers
  • Transactions can be interrupted and restarted exactly where they left off
  • Improved personalized (vanity) plate availability verification
  • Barcoding of notices and receipts increases efficiency
  • Create a single customer identity and consolidated customer records
  • Reduce the number of duplicate and incorrect records
  • Provide vehicle and driver information simultaneously
  • Support robust services for residents and businesses
  • Provide service stops
  • Support a robust enforcement function for residents and businesses
    • Local ticket payments
    • National ticket stops
    • Local moving violation payments
    • National moving violation stops
    • Child support
    • Dishonored checks
    • Clean hands obligations
    • Tax obligations (future)
  • Reduce identity fraud
  • Maintain precise tag and plate inventory and provide greater security for inventory
  • Track history of customer transactions
  • Provide interruptible transactions which can be restarted exactly where they've left off
  • Barcode notices and receipts for increased efficiency
  • Provide interfaces with District agencies: MPD, OCC (child support), Inspection Station, DC Superior Court, and Department of Human Services
  • Provide external interfaces with: Social Security, NADA (fair market value data), Ticket Information Mgt System, Problem Driver Pointer System, Commercial Driver License Information System, RL Polk (vehicle registration history), TML (driver history), Superior Court, Department of Health Services, and Equifax
  • Provide robust management reporting
  • Inspection before vehicle registration renewal increases public safety and improves air quality
  • Regular insurance update and lapse notifications keep uninsured motorists and vehicles off the streets
  • Direct SSN confirmation with SSA reduces ID theft and issuance of fraudulent licenses
  • Counter retrieval of digitized photos reduces fraud through verification of customer identity
  • Registration window decal with vehicle-specific information reduces tag/plate theft
  • Application "stops" enforce clean-hands policies so services are not provided to residents who owe obligations to the District
  • Geographic Information System ensures correct and timely issuance of residential parking permits

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MVIS/DESTINY Business Capabilities Comparison




Service Provided all basic services, including driver's license and registration
Availability of online transactions minimal
Stand-alone vanity plate system
Required manual appointment scheduling
Provides all basic services, including driver's license and registration
Provides all DMV transactions online, except for those requiring physical presence
Integrated vanity plate system offers real-time availability verification
Provides automated appointment scheduling
Validates of credit cards and checks at any window
Issues of driver history record at any window
Allows payment of dishonored checks at any window
Allows payment of parking tickets at any window
Consolidates of registration & residential parking permits into one decal
Provides detailed receipt with complete information for customer
Provides interruptible transactions which can be restarted exactly where they've left off
Provides real time update of test results via knowledge test interface
Sends registration notice directly to the driver rather than the leaseholder
Provides title and tag request at all locations
Sends inspection renewal notice automatically to customer
Allows for increased services at the inspection station
Barcodes notices and receipts for increased efficiency
Processes fleet vehicle registration transactions
Tracks revenue at agency, location and employee levels
Enforcement Provided minimal enforcement capabilities

Manual processing of outstanding tickets
Manual dealer monitoring
Manual inspection verification
Manual RPP-to-registration validation

Contained stand-alone medical tracking system

Provides enhanced enforcement capabilities

Automated ticket processing with TIMS
Automated dealer temporary tag tracking
Automated inspection results, available immediately
Automated RPP with registration validation

Integrates tracking of medical conditions
Authenticates insurance coverage
Verifies of VIN
Requires inspection of vehicle prior to registration renewal
Directly confirms SSN with Social Security Administration
Retrieves of digitized photo for verification of customer identity
Provides registration window decal with vehicle-specific information to reduce tag/plate theft
Enforces clean-hands policies with application "stops" so services are not provided to residents who owe obligations to the District
Shares/interfaces data with other District agencies: MPD, OCC (child support), Inspection Station, DC Superior Court, Dept of Human Services
Shares/interfaces data with external agencies: Social Security, Ticket Information Management System, Problem Driver Pointer System, Commercial Driver License Information System, RL Polk (vehicle registration history), TML driver history), EPA

Data Accuracy Security Provided minimal tag inventory
Provided limited data accuracy
Automates tag inventory management system (no duplication)
Enhances data accuracy

SSN Verification
VIN Verification
Street Name Verification
Integrated Database for Permits and Registration
NADA interface (accurate fair market value)

Tracks revenue at agency, location and employee level
Ensures correct and timely issuance via geographic information system of residential parking permits

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