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"Restoration of Power to the District of Columbia Elected Officials Mayor, Councilmember Home Rule" Initiative




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Short Title Summary Statement Legislative Text Purpose Objective


''Restoration of Power to the District of Columbia Elected Officials Mayor, Councilmembers Home Rule''


The existing Title XI - District of Columbia Revitalization "National Capitol Revitalization and Self- Government Improvement Act of 1997" that was deceptively designed and planned by our Congressional leaders (majority come from racist southern backgrounds) with slave minded mentalities) and signed with blood by President Clinton to turn back the hands of time to slavery for District Residents. After 22 years of Home Rule Government established 1973. Effect of this law: abolished our right to vote. President can appoint a southern Mayor, remove Control Board powers restored move in their people chase us out, by any means necessary. We must overturn this law before January 1998.


Title XI District of Columbia Revitalization "National Capitol Revitalization and Self-Government Improvement Act 1997" Sec. 11105. REFORM OF POWERS AND DUTIES OF DEPARTMENT HEADS.

(a) Appointment and Removal

(1) Appointment -

(A) In General. - During a control year, the head each department of the government of the District of Columbia described in section 11102(b)(1) shall be appointed by the Mayor as follows:

(i) Prior to appointment, the Authority may submit recommendations for the appointment to the Mayor.

(ii) In consultation with the Authority and the Council, the Mayor shall nominate an individual for appointment and notify the Council of the nomination.

(iii) After the expiration of the 7-day period which begins on the date the Mayor notifies the Council of the nomination under clause (ii), the Mayor shall notify the Authority of the nomination.

(iv) The nomination shall be effective subject to approval by a majority vote of the Authority.

(B) APPOINTMENT BY AUTHORITY IF NO NOMINATION MADE WITHIN 30 DAYS. - During a control year, if the Mayor fails to nominate an individual to fill a vacancy in the position of the head of any of the departments described in section 11102(b)(1) during the 30-day period which begins on the date the vacancy begins (or during such longer period as the Authority may establish, upon notification to Congress), the Authority shall appoint an individual to fill the vacancy.

(C) POSITIONS DEEMED VACANT UPON ENACTMENT. - For purposes of this paragraph, a vacancy shall be deemed to exist in the position of the head of each of the departments described in section 11102(b)(1) upon the date of the enactment of this Act. Nothing in this subparagraph shall be deemed to affect any of the powers and duties of any individual serving as the head of such a department as the head of such a department as of such date.

(2) REMOVAL. - During a control year, the head of any of the departments of the government of the District of Columbla described in section 11102(b)(1) may be removed by the Authority or by the Mayor with the approval of the Authority.

(3) CONTROL YEAR DEFINED. - In this subsection, the term "control year" has the meaning given such term in section 305(4) of the District of Columbia Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Act of 1995.


(1) IN GENERAL. - Notwithstanding any other provision of law and except as provided in paragraph (3), all personnel of the departments of the government of the District of Columbia described in section 11102(b)(1) shall be appointed by and shall act under the direction and control board of the head of the department involved.

(2) REASSIGNMENT OF PERSONNEL. - The head of each of the departments described in section 11102(b)(1) may reassign any personnel of the department in such manner as the head considers appropriate.

(3) REQUIREMENTS FOR ADVERSE ACTIONS. - The head of each of the departments described in section 11102(b)(1) may take corrective or adverse action against any personnel of the department pursuant to rules (promulgated consistent with the publication and comment provisions of the District of Columbia Administrative Procedure Act) which

(A) provide that adverse actions may only be taken for cause;

Chapter 3 - Determination and Review of Eligibility and Payments Information Sharing

Sec. 11023. Transfer of to access to records of District Government.

Sec. 11024. Federal information sharing for verification of benefits determinations.

Sec. 11025. Federal Information - Determination of eligibility for and amount of Federal benefits payments made by Trustee.

Chapter 4 - District of Columbia Federal Pension Liability Trust Fund

Sec. 11032. Uses of amounts in Trust Funds

Sec. 11034. Treatment of Trust Fund under certain Laws

Chapter 9 -Subtitle B Management Reform Plans

Sec. 11106. No effect on Powers of Financial Responsibility and Management Assistance Authority (Anthony Williams) Scott Free

Subtitle C - Criminal Justice

Chapter 1 - Corrections

Sec. 11205. Liability for and litigation authority of corrections trustee.

Chapter 2 - Sentencing

Sec. 11211. Truth in- Sentencing Commission

Chapter 4 - Subchapter B - Judicial Retirement Program

Sec. 11252. Termination of current fund any program.

Chapter 6 -

Subtitle D - Privatization of Tax Collection and Administration

Sec. 11302. Authorizing Chief Financial Officer to Privatize to Administration and Collections

Subtitle G - District of Columbia Government Budget

Sec. 11601. Elimination of the Annual Federal Payment to the District of Columbia

Chapter 1 - Regulatory Reform In The District of Columbia

Sec. 11702. Repeal of Clean Air Compliance Fee Act of 1994

Sec. 11703. Repeal requirement for Congressional authorization of certain mergers involving District of Columbia public utility corporations

Sec. 11704. Exemption of certain contract from Council review

Sec. 11712. Cooperative agreements between Federal agencies and Metropolitan Police Department

Sec. 11252. Termination of current fund any program

Chapter 2 - Other Miscellaneous Provisions

Sec. 11713. Permitting garnishment of wages of Officers and employees of District of Columbia Government.

Sec. 11715. Requiring certain Federal Officials to provide notice before carrying out activities affecting real property located in District of Columbia.

Sec. 11716. Repeal term of deed of conveyance to certain hospital.

Sec. 11717. Short title of Home Rule Act.


To bring respect back to the residents of the District of Columbia. Mainly, our future generation our children will have to endure the anguish, persecution, being deprived of the chance to go to the election polls and vote, then be proud to say, I am proud to be in a Democracy where I have the freedom to choose my Mayor, Council person. Congressperson and President, unfortunately, the Congressmen, Senator Faircloth of North Carolina, Senator Trent Lott (Mississippi), House Speaker Newt Gingrich (GA), former Senator Bob Dole (from behind the scene), House Committee Chair Rep. Thomas Davis (VA), a liar a perpetrator of fraud, coming into the lives of the residents of the District of Columbia so he could learn how this chocolate city works. Pretending that he was in our corner feeding the above with information on our weakness, compassion for each other and our fellowman, our family structure that was based on a Christian background. Once he took kindness for weakness, conned us into believing he was interested in helping us. But he was the pharisee that also is Judas, who sold us out for capital gain. Jealousy and envy of one of the most power black mayors in the U.S. of America. Even (he), Mayor Marion S. Barry, Jr. did not realize the positiveness, power and strength until I brought to his attention that this plot to take over the District of Columbia, our nation's capitol, ten years. That was why he was set up nine years ago and over 40 million dollars used to entrap the Mayor with a personal dilemma - illness/temporary habit. A cry of help in the wilderness. If they would have had the slightest bit of evidence of any wrong doing with Mayor Marion S. Barry, duties as a Mayor. He would have been asked to resign, like Nixon and locked up and the key thrown away.

I, YeHanna Joan M.M. Malone, former Joan Clarke, told the Mayor to stop allowing resident of the District News Media, or anyone to keep labeling you with a handle that does not belong to you. It has always been a conspiracy by the Pharisees, (this is babylon God said to me) to seize the capital for their home to the residents of Washington, D.C. for the past nine years you have allowed others and you also have prosecuted Mayor Marion S. Barry, Jr. for being a human being with feeling, faults and needs, the same as you. The only difference is that the majority of the programs: the drug, alcohol, job corps, pride incorporated, all of the youth programs, etc. You have to the advantage of getting your act together through all the above programs. Just so you can blasphemy the Mayor. Did you ever ask Marlon S. Barry, Jr. if he wanted to join your groups so he could participate in a healing process like you so graciously benefit from? or taken the time to see the man that chose to sacrifice everything (look back on his life, time, his son and his happiness to help people that refuse to save your own children's schools, children's future, homeland, Washington, D.C., save home rule, people who keep giving their money away to oppressors that take and give nothing In return. Taxation without representation and now we are all to blame for allowing our elected Congressional and presidential leaders whom we voted back in as President many worked hard on Clinton campaign just for him to back stab the United States in the beginning of his term. I really would hate to imagine the next three years. We all must chance our ways and join together and fight for what is rightfully God's.


We need petitions to continue to be responsible for what God gave us, our nation's capital to strive to be the best capital city as Mayor Marion S. Barry always says, "We can be", and another one of his famous sayings (which even President Clinton's wife said, 'It takes a whole village to raise a child.' Let us all get back to being that village and tribe people. Let's united and spread God's love to each other. Remember Jesus said he who is without sin cast the first stone.