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Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association Newsletter
May 1998

CSNA meets the second Thursday of every month.

Next meeting is

Thursday, May 14
7:00 p.m.

Walker Memorial Baptist Church
2020 13th St., NW

At This Month’s Meeting

Jim Graham
Candidate for City Council, Ward One
Joan Heckscher
Community Action International Alliance

President’s Message
Put Your Money Where Your House Is
Minutes of April 9 Meeting
News Around U
CSNA Officer
CSNA 1998 Graffiti Abatement Schedule
Save the Date!

President’s Message

The May “president's column” has gotten to be one of my favorites, for one reason in l particular — it falls immediately after the annual FCF/CSNA Spring Cleanup. As I write this, we are now a week past the occasion, yet the tremendous satisfaction endures. In many ways, this year's event was the best yet. The community created some enormous loads of trash and refuse, but try as we might, there just wasn't as much “available” as in years past. We had scores of volunteers, but didn't need as many as we have needed before. And this year, there seemed to be a tremendous amount of tree box construction, planting, and sweeping down of streets, sidewalks, and alleys, but not nearly as many huge (shall we say overwhelming) projects requiring special tools, skills, and knowledge. In fact, the name of this year's effort, “CleanSweep,” in itself seems to summarize the direction in which things are heading. The community is making tremendous progress, and is not faced with quite the enormity in scope and difficulty of projects demanding resident elbow grease. I think we’re moving toward the time when we can focus as much on annual updates as on making up for years of neglect.

One thing which doesn't change from year to year is the debt the community owes to those who really make the day a success. Everyone out there planting, sweeping, painting, and hauling last week deserves our thanks. Their contributions jump out at us visually where unsightliness has been replaced by order and beauty. Blooming flowers and clean walks are results of the obvious attentions of multitudes of concerned residents, students and volunteers from in and outside the community. Special thanks are due to Kamal Jahanbein for heading the tree box construction group, to Derek Kowalzyck for his planning and coordination from CSNA’s end, to all our generous donors and sponsors, and as always, to the unstoppable, unflappable Maureen Holla of FCF for pulling together yet another fantastic FCF/CSNA production.

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Put Your Money Where Your House Is

Musings on Spending Within the Community — by Jim Gray

Spending your money in the neighborhood is one of the best ways to make it better. It is hard to over-estimate this multiplier effect. People who live in the suburbs naturally spend most of their money in the suburbs. When we who live in the inner city spend our money in the suburbs too, it is no wonder that our business community is weak in comparison. By spending more money in the neighborhood, we will encourage more and better options nearby. If I spend $75 for the excellent auto repair service available at Lee’s Automotive, 232-4097, 420 Rhode Island Ave. (2 blocks from the Metro), Mr. Lee might spend $10 getting his uniforms cleaned at U Best Cleaners, 14th & U, $15 will buy him enough Tandori chicken, rice and vegetables to feed a family of four at Islamabad Restaurant, 328-7545, 1939 14th Street, right next door to the cleaners. Mr. Lee might spend another $25 on groceries at Best Supermarket, 1507 U Street, which probably does not have everything that you want, but a lot more than you think. It's closer and it sure beats waiting in an endless line at the Corcoran Safeway. Mr. Lee could get his shoes re-soled and get as good a shoe shine as anywhere in Washington at George’s, 13th & U, for about $15. Perhaps he will send his daughter out for an evening of entertainment at Republic Gardens, $20, or he and his wife will enjoy a special meal at U-Topia, $35. Each one of these neighborhood businesses Mr. Lee patronizes with the $75 I spent at his shop is more likely to re-spend the money in the neighborhood.

Of course it would be inconvenient, if not impossible to spend ALL of your money in the neighborhood — that’s not what I am talking about. I ask each member of the Cardozo Shaw Neighborhood Association to think about the neighborhood first when making purchases. Is there some place in the neighborhood that could sell me dinner tonight that would be just as good as that place in Adams Morgan that would take so much longer to get to? Can the paint and body shop on U between 13th & 14th give me almost as good of a deal as that chain body painting operation that is beyond the Beltway? Is the future of one of these businesses more important to me than the other? If I realize after I get home that my fender needs touching up, which will be easier?

Over the summer, the CSNA newsletter will feature just a few of the businesses in the neighborhood and recommend them for your consideration. I urge you to try some of these businesses and when you do, tell them that CSNA sent you. If you have thoughts on this subject or you want to suggest a business for me to take a look at, send a message to or call me at 667-6186.

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Minutes of April 9 Meeting

Sgt. Loughman of 3D reported a general decrease in crime of 4.5%. Theft from auto, the most frequent crime in this area, has decreased 60% probably as a result of more walking patrols. Sgt. Loughman also wanted to emphasize the monthly Public Service Area (PSA) meetings which are designed to focus solely on crime issues in a given area. The PSA meeting for our area (PSA 306) is held at St. Augustine’s School on the 1400 block of V Street on the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00PM.

At-Large Councilmember David Catania spoke on issues pertaining to the Ward and the city areas of crime & public safety, the need to attract real white collar businesses back to the city, and the fiscal irresponsibilities taking place in education. Mr. Catania reserves Wednesdays as his day for constituent meetings (724-7772) — appointments should be made with Tina Dobbins.

Derek Kowalczyk, CSNA Secretary announced final preparations for the fifth annual U Street Clean-up.

Nathea Lee of the Lincoln Theatre announced that it is now under new management. The executive board has taken over the responsibilities of managing the theatre rather than re-signing the contract with the former manager. Issues and questions concerning the the theatre should be directed toward Ms. Lee (328- 9177).

Reverend Greene of the Walker Memorial Baptist Church announced the opening of the Civil War Memorial on July 15.

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CSNA Officers

President Buck Clarke 387-5937
Vice President Paul Williams 462-6251
Treasurer Chuck Baxter 232-7921
Rcdg Secretary Derek Kowalczyk 265-8385


Who Would Have Known?

Relatively early in her career, [now] world renowned performer Aretha Franklin played for several nights at Bohemian Caverns in the fall of 1966. In the October 22, 1966 “After Dark” column authored by John Segraves, the reviewer offers interesting foreshadowing of the emerging star's domination in gospel, jazz, and popular music that was to come. It read:

“No one laughs when Aretha Franklin sits down to play or for that matter when she stands up to sing. Instead, they yell, stomp their feet, whistle, and generally make a child’s final days of school seem like a funeral procession in comparison.

“So was the scene the other night at Bohemian Caverns when the Columbia Records artist walked toward the mike to start her second show. And, according to the management, this was a mild scene compared to some of her greetings earlier in the week.

“According to some crumpled notes, Ms. Franklin was about four bars into My Favorite Things (the opener) when the packed room began to rock, roll, and reverberate.... One would have thought Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne and Nancy Wilson had just stepped stageward instead of a girl who is just starting to become nationally known....obviously to the Caverns crowd, Aretha has landed.

“She likes to begin a ballad in straight fashion, then move it into various other spheres- a little blues here, a little jazz there — then conclude it pretty much as the man wrote it.... Despite the fact that she has waxed several albums for Columbia, there still are many music lovers unaware of her presence. This could be overcome quickly with less shouting.

“The well poised woman will be on display through tomorrow at the U and 11th Street NW den, with a $2 cover and like minimum per person show tab."

Historic Preservation

Good News: The historic district flyers are ready for distribution, and I should have them to those of you that signed up by the May CSNA meeting! It's a public awareness blitz, and we need to put a flyer in each and every household that will be included in the historic district; at the same time, we're taking advantage of all of you who signed up to help by also distributing the new CSNA membership flyer to attract new members! I'll include a map of the block or blocks that you offered to leaflet with your flyers.

Bad News: The DC Historic Preservation Division has informed us that the application of a proposed historic district now requires an accompanying $1,000 application fee, so we will need to solicit some serious funds to put toward this endeavor. I would like to get this done as quickly as possible, so that it doesn't hold up our application. I will start off the pool by adding $100, and ask that you all actively encourage members and neighbors to contribute toward this important need. I know it's frustrating, and believe me, there is no way around the fee. But know that we are indeed close to attaining historic status; and with your help we could be designated as early as this summer!

Paul Williams, 462-6251

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CSNA 1998 Graffiti Abatement Schedule

Saturday Mornings @ 8:30
May 23
June 20
July 25
August 22
September 26
October 17

Here's how to participate:

Sometime during the week before the paint out, call Chuck at 232-7921 to let him know that you will participate. Show up at 914 Westminster street at 8:30 AM ready to paint we have the paint & rollers, so you don t need to bring anything.

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Save the Date!

When Where Event Contact
May 12, 7:00 pm Westminster Playground
922 Westminster (rain location)
WNA Meeting Chuck Baxter
May 13, 7:00 pm Reeves Center
2nd Floor
ANC 1B Meeting Glenn Melcher
May 14, 7:00 pm Walker Memorial Baptist Church CSNA Membership Meeting Buck Clarke
May 18, 7:00 pm St. Augustine’s School PSA 306 Meeting Sgt. Loughman
673-6824, ext. 2044

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