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Cardozo-Shaw Neighborhood Association Newsletter
March 1998

March Membership Meeting
Minutes of February 12 Meeting
News Around U

March Membership Meeting
Special Guest Speaker: Camille Cates Barnett
Chief Management Officer, District Of Columbia

The Chief Management Officer is mandated by the Control Board with the task of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of management in the government of the District of Columbia. The CMO is to work on behalf of the Authority to bring about management reform in the Departments of: Administrative Services, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Corrections, Employment Services, Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Housing and Community Development, Human Services, Public Works. and Public Health. The same effort is to be undertaken for the crosscutting areas of the District government of: Asset Management, Information Resources Management, Personnel, and Procurement. The CMO will implement policies with respect to management and reform of services of the government of the District of Columbia.

Camille Barnett brings to the newly established position over twenty seven years of experience in municipal management. Her focus has been on participation, performance management, economic development, and sustainable cities.

Ms. Barnett's initiative includes the three stated goals of improving customer service, reforming management by fixing systems, and establishing credibility by meeting budget targets.

Each and every resident of the District will be directly affected by the measures implemented by Ms. Barnett at the CMO's office. Our meeting this Thursday is an excellent opportunity to hear and be heard. Don't miss this one!

Bring Your Questions and Concerns!

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CSNA meets the second Thursday of every month.

Next meeting is
Thursday, March 12
7:00 p.m.
Walker Memorial Baptist Church
2020 13th St., NW

Minutes of February 12 Meeting

Sgt. Loughman of MPD 3rd District noted a 50% decrease in theft from auto while armed robbery from businesses was on the increase. Though this statistic should go down next month since the two assailants who were suspected of committing those crimes were caught. Officer Vance Warren has been reassigned from the U Street beat. Officer Fullard has been assigned and will probably attend the next CSNA meeting.

DeAnna Duncan of the Source Theatre on 14th Street asked for support from both individuals & CSNA for their DHCD grant application. Source Theatre wishes to renovate its present location and if the DHCD grant is not approved, it will seek funds elsewhere.

Council member Frank Smith (Ward 1) gave the latest on the use of the WMATA lot between 13th & 14th Streets. While the lot must remain Metro's property until approximately 2001, it can release the property to the city for other uses until it is sold. Frank Smith is proposing temporary public parking until that time and Metro has indicated that it could release a small portion of the property for that purpose. Debate followed the presentation sparking the need to create a parking committee to discuss these issues and present them to the group at a later date. Joe Kisha volunteered to head the committee (483-1059).

CSNA Officers

President Buck Clarke 387-5937
Vice President Paul Williams 462-6251
Treasurer Chuck Baxter 232-7921
Rcdg Secretary Derek Kowalczyk 265-8385

Vice President Paul Williams, head of the Historic Preservation Committee, circulated a sign-up map of the area for volunteers to assist in the flyering of specific blocks.

Treasurer Chuck Baxter reported that CSNA had a balance of $407.00 at the beginning of the month and received another $239.92 to finish the month at $617 .96.

Genesis Entertainment Group dropped off survey forms regarding entertainment likes & dislikes.

Delores Johnson of AMB Enterprises announced the hiring of the Mayhew Marketing group to help in the sale of the Lincoln Condominiums. Johnson reported that 10 units had already been sold and that they need 40 to begin construction. She also announced that the site would be spruced up to encourage sales and all are invited to the trailer to see the scale model and floor plans available.

President Buck Clarke announced that in his conversation with Fresh Fields' regional vice-president, Chris Hitt, that it was very unlikely that Whole Foods will take the V Street site. The Austin, Texas based company's president preferred the 15th & P site. Buck thanked those who had participated in the petition campaign and pledged not to give up on bringing some sort of market to this area. A motion was made and carried to pay the 3 Cardozo students who surveyed Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan.

Al Ashfar was introduced as the new owner of the Bohemian Caverns building at 11th & U Streets and announced his intention to restore the building to its original state and open it as an upscale restaurant & jazz venue. At present, he is the owner of The Saloon in Georgetown.

Derek Kowalczyk
Secretary, CSNA

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The previous owner of the Saloon in Georgetown is opening up a two story, double townhouse jazz club at
1205-1207 U Street, near Ben's Chili Bowl, while the current owner of the Saloon in Georgetown is planning on renovating the building at 11th and U and recreating the Club Caverns (earlier the Bohemian Cavems and later the Underground Cafe). A new hamburger joint opened up next to Egbers in the 1200 block, and the Steak-Around was replaced with a mom-and-pop cafe the third such fast food establishment in that space since its opening only a few years ago.

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The membership of CSNA recently voted to revert back to a calendar-year billing for annual dues. This means that payments are now due for the 1998 calendar year. If you have paid in 1998, you are paid up for the year. If not, kindly send in your payment as soon as possible. We expect to grant a 2-month grace period, after which those who have not remitted their dues will no longer receive the CSNA Newsletter. Additionally, being a paid member allows you to make your voice count in CSNA votes affecting the community and the city. Don't miss the opportunity to make your vote count!

On a related membership matter, the organization voted last year to offer a temporary newsletter subscription to local businesses that demonstrated an interest in the affairs of the community. Several businesses have joined and are now regular participants in CSNA activities. However, for those businesses that have not pursued membership, financial constraints dictate that we discontinue the free subscription. CSNA will continue in its commitment to welcome all area residents and businesses (both new and old). Please urge your neighbors and local enterprises to check us out and call for membership information.

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How Do You Spell White Elephant?

D.C. is poised to sign a blank check on a new convention center that would cost over $1 billion and raise taxes on all D.C. businesses -- with NO PARKING and NO ROOM for future expansion. An alternate site at Union Station North, would save hundreds of millions of dollars, allow for parking, would be walking distance from Metro, Amtrak and Greyhound, and would allow for future expansion. But big-business-oriented D.C. government puppets refuse to consider it. Stop the boondoggle! Call the Shaw Coalition at (202) 789-7864.

Don't miss "Metro Talk" on WBIG FM100 or  WTEM AM570 this Sunday, March 8 from 8-9 am. Scheduled guests: Convention Center General Manager Lewis Dawley, Dorothy Brizill, Gastrel Riley, Councilman David Catania,and Councilman Jack Evans will discuss the plans for a new center.

Another great source of information will be the Dupont Circle ANC 2B special meeting this Monday, March 9, at 7 pm at the St. Thomas Parish at 18th & Church Streets.

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CSNA Online

The CSNA web site at http:// www.ustreet.corn/csna has been updated. New pages include an updated calendar, Children's Hospital Site, and other links.

Save the date!

March 9, 7:30 p.m., St. Thomas Parish, 18th & Church Streets, Proposed Convention Center: "Boon or Boondoggle?" Contact Kyle Pitsor, 265-5059.

March 11, 7:00 p.m., Reeves Center, 2nd Floor, ANC 1B meeting. Contact Glenn Melcher, 797-0969.

March 12, 7:00 p.m. Walker Memorial Baptist Church, Membership Meeting, Buck Clarke, 387-5937.

March 18, 7:00 p.m., 922 Westminster Street, WNA Meeting. Contact Chuck Baxter, 232-7921.

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